GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #49

frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA lands with three not-yet-funded projects that all look tres cool, and one that did make the cut that looks overwhelmingly cool.

Battle of the Electric Vikings (Black Slither Games)
$2400 of $4700, ends 6 August 2014

Rock out with your c…  well, you know the rest.  Black Slither Games gives everyone a chance to be their own heavy metal poet by piecing together your own song titles, lyrics, and albums from a bag of word tiles with the most metal of meaningful choices.  Who cares if you win?  It only matters if you ROCK!  And that you pledge over at the Kickstarter page.  That’s important, too.



Cards: The Attackening (Wanton Walrus)
$3300 of $4500, ends 10 August 2014

Another card game that’ll make you chuckle as you’re dominating your opponent.  Designed to evoke the low-res PC games of the decades of yore, The Attackening is a quick-and-dirty-and-humorous game where you summon your forces, kit ‘em out, then go blow s**ff up.  Pledge levels include a print-your-own download, or printed copies with custom dice.  Don’t take our word for it, go check out their campaign page and make your pledge.



Terrene Odyssey (Chris Solis)
$8200 of $10k, ends 21 August 2014

Huh, another card game?!  Yep.  This one is a fantasy battle game based around an adventuring party and their accoutrements.  The artwork is anime-meets-mid-80s-fantasy and the cards are a mix of Runebound and BattleCards.  Pledge levels include specific duel decks, print-and-play, and full boxed editions.  Order your forces into the fight, but only after you order your copy of the game!



Shadows Over Normandie (Devil Pig Games)
£98k of £5k, ends 25 July 2014

Finally, not a card game!  The paratroopers are in the air on the night of 5 June 1944.  And so are the demons of Cthulhu.  Horror meets WWII as your US Army Rangers struggle to face down Nazi cults, Cthulhu demons, and well, that ‘war’ thing going on, too.  The artwork is stunning and we all love us some WWII action anyway, so go ahead and join the pledge and marvel at the stretch goals, which are piling up like the body count.



That’s all for this GARPA – see you in August!

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