Gaming Nostalgia – FGU’s MERC

frontier wars 728x90 KS

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FGU goes modern!

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2 Responses to Gaming Nostalgia – FGU’s MERC

  1. Brian Train says:

    Wow. I remember that one.
    The first piece of game-related writing I had published was a review of MERC, one of those short “capsule reviews” that ran in The Space Gamer (#59).
    I got five bucks for it, which was not adequate recompense for struggling through the game.
    FGU later published a revised version that ran a bit smoother.

  2. Brian Train says:

    Sorry, I must correct the above about the revised edition.
    Hey, it has been 35 years!
    I was confusing that with RECON, another RPG on a similar theme published by Role Playing Games Inc. in 1982 (then as now, RPGs on all topics were popping out all over).
    I wrote about it too, in Space Gamer #70.
    Revised and advanced versions of RECON were published by Palladium.

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