Tuesday Screenshot – Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Jim Snyder, 25 June 2013

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Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm


Soviet armor is attempting to smash through a West German defense around the city of Lauterbach. Many knocked out vehicles and squads are indicated by the little crosses on the map. Craters from artillery strikes also dot the landscape. As you can see from the screen shot the Flashpoint Campaigns game main screen in divided up into 6 areas each with  information for the player to use or access. The map is the majority of the screen and shows off all of the action in the game. At the bottom you can switch between a Subunit list showing the units composition and status or the Tac Ops Diary which gives information related to the units actions during the game.  On the right there are a number of windows providing important information. At the top we have the start turn button and the game date and time, weather and current visibility. Under that is a tabbed window with Player information, C3 information, Order of Battle, Victory Point Status, and Effects (Sounds and in-game options). Next is the current unit status window. In this case we are looking at one of the Leopard 2 tank platoons and its current conditions. At the bottom right is the mini-map. You can see the entire map, your units, VP locations and spotted enemies. At the top there is also the standard windows style menu bar with even more options.


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