SEAL Team Flix – First Look!

SealTeamFlixUnbox SPLASH
frontier wars 728x90 KS

Who gives a flick about what’s in the box?! ~

Vance Strickland, 25 July 2018

Here’s an unboxing my latest game arrival, Seal Team Flix.

SealTeamFlixUnbox pic01

Big heavy box.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic02

Here’s why it’s heavy. Lots and lots of cardboard and bits.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic03

Also comes with a nice insert to hold all the bits.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic04

Two booklets, one rule book and one scenario/campaign book. 


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic05

Rule book is full colour, large print and a full of examples. 31 pages might be a bit heavy from some people used to “lighter” games.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic06

Back of rule book has a complete summary of the game on one page. Nice!


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic07

Scenario/campaign book is also full colour. Scenarios can be played as stand alone skirmishes of in a branching linked campaign.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic08

Log sheet to keep track of your troops in a campaign.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic09

Three large die punched sheets with control boards, standees, and markers.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic10

Four of the standees for the good guys… and gals.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic11

Side boards for specific high skill tasks. Can you take out the terrorist without harming the hostage?


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic12

Six different maps. Hotel, subway station, and airport among them. Small walls need to be assembled.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic13

Closeup of airport map. Patrol zones for terrorists and locations for objectives.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic14

Standee stands, dice, and timer. Also cover blocks and the different types of shot discs.


SealTeamFlixUnbox pic15

Three decks of cards. Top is equipment to help your team. Middle are your primary weapons. See that each uses different size shots. Bottom are advanced skills you can earn.


Looks to be a lot of fun… but lots of assemble first.

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