What’s Gus Playing: Total War: Warhammer 2 Tomb Kings – Part 2

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Take a toiling tour of the terrible tombs ~

Lloyd Sabin, 16 July 2018

Still trying to get to those four other Books of Nagash as the Tomb Kings. This campaign has bogged down a bit – partially because I am a Tomb Kings noob and partially because the game play has become somewhat repetitive. They’re both linked, though, and feed off each other.

The campaign is still fun enough, with enough things to do, to keep me going.

This Vortex campaign map is not as massive as the Mortal Empires map is…but it’s still pretty gigantic. After close to 150 turns I have revealed probably around 80 percent of it. There is some wacky fruity stuff out there in the Warhammer universe…knights riding spiders, talking giant toads, vampire pirates…the mind boggles. There are even some ordinary human factions, like the New World Colonies, which I had never heard of until stumbling across them in this play through. All intriguing, but perhaps a bit overwhelming.

It also doesn’t help matters that my armies, made up mostly of skeleton spearmen and swordsmen, are like tissue paper when facing elf (both light and dark) armies, which are my most common enemy. The dark elf armies are especially tough and tear through my units like they are undead toilet paper. I need to learn how to upgrade my troops quicker. Until then I need two armies to take on every one enemy army…not a recipe for victory.

The campaign is still fun enough, with enough things to do, to keep me going. Check out the below screen shots and let’s see if I can not only keep this campaign moving, but maybe even push forward to victory. I didn’t win my Norsca campaign earlier this year but I was one of the last five factions left standing in that Warhammer I campaign. I just barely snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (and Chaos).

You may also notice that I was forced to ally with the Skaven. Filth yes – but what’s an undead guy gotta do to win? Buddy up with filthy rat men, that’s what. I’m not proud.

Addendum: just prior to sending in this writeup, I managed to wrestle another Book of Nagash in to my bony little hands, using two armies against one, with one additional army waiting in the wings just in case. If I have to use multiple weaker armies to win, I suppose I will do that.

I now have two of five Books of Nagash. Small victories like this keep me going. I also had issues with my Steam screenshots…mainly, they refused to load. So I had to scrounge what I could below.

Thanks for reading and see you next week! 

Gus TW WH2 3 1

This screen shot dedicated to Brant.


Gus TW WH2 3 2

Some missions are easier than others in this Vortex campaign.


Gus TW WH2 3 3

‘Craven warriors’?? Yeah I guess they are pretty craven. They don’t win enough! My Queen here in this shot is getting more kills than the rest of the army. I need to upgrade quicker!


Gus TW WH2 3 4

Get some, you Dark Elf bastards!


Gus TW WH2 3 5

One great shining light in my otherwise dark Tomb King roster is my artillery. Just one piece was highly effective.


Gus TW WH2 3 6

There are other Tomb King factions out there, some friendly, some not.


See you later!

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