What’s Gus Playing? Field of Glory 2 – Part 2

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Our red-blooded rugrat regales royally regarding the Romans ~

Lloyd Sabin, 7 May 2018

Yes I am still in love. And yes it is still with Field of Glory 2.

And if you can pilot your army properly, understand tactics and deployment rules, you can change history.

I am finding it hard to express why I find it so addicting, but addicted I am still…probably more so with each epic battle and campaign I play. The game has opened doors to Greek history, hoplite warfare, Alexander the Great and the Successor Wars that I didn’t know needed opening. I am hooked.

One attribute that is easier for me to understand enjoying is the variety here. Factions and eras are varied enough that there has to be something for anyone even remotely a fan of ancients. A good case in point this week is the Battle of Magnesia (190 BC) between the Seleucids and the upstart Romans.

The Seleucids field an exotic army with a very strong Greek influence (armored hoplites) but with dashes of heavily armored cataphracts, camel cavalry (called ‘camelry’ in game but that sounds bizarre to me) and a very capable collection of forces all around, more than able to smack down the cunning Romans.

And if you can pilot your army properly, understand tactics and deployment rules, you can change history. That is definitely one of the main draws among the other, more intangible reasons why I love Field of Glory 2 as much as I do.

See the below shots for more detail.

An introduction to the Battle of Magnesia, 190BC – probably a more influential ancient battle than I ever knew before playing Field of Glory 2.


Force selection playing as the Seleucids. Look at that unit variety! Xystophoroi…Thureophoroi…even Cretans. Who doesn’t love a good Cretan?


And of course don’t forget the Arab ‘camelry’ – awkward naming but very fun to use in-game to knock down some Roman troops.


The Battle of Magnesia large scale, as can be seen here. Seleucid and Roman armies would slug it out to see which culture would march forth in to the future. A true clash of civilizations.


A unit of Seleucid companion cavalry maneuvering in to position, led by a general.


My magnificent Seleucid army, moving in to position versus the Romans.


The battle lines have almost met. Slingers and archers can be very useful – not really in inflicting casualties but in lowering the other force’s morale, ultimately having them break and leave the field. If you can break the enemy force instead of wiping them out completely, it’s an even better victory.


This shot features the new ‘undo move’ button (in green) which is new to Field of Glory 2. I rarely use it but am happy to know it’s available if I hit the wrong button accidentally.


The Seleucid infantry meets the Roman infantry and battle is joined, immediately evolving in to messy chaos. Field of Glory 2 battles can be similar in some ways but I have to admit enjoying attempts to control the chaos that often develops.


Hoplites vs. legionnaires…does it really get any better than this for PC wargamers in to ancients? Also seen here are morale indicators in the unit flags – different colors indicate different levels of morale – fragmented, disrupted, broken and routing.


Turning the Roman flank using cavalry and missile troops. Flanking is the most effective way to win a Field of Glory 2 battle.


Infantry engages. 34% of the Roman force has left the field versus half that for my Seleucids. The flow of the battle is looking good for my army.


Sending in a unit of armored elephants to slap around an already weakened opponent can be extremely effective as long as the elephants don’t panic and kill everyone on both sides.


The Battle of Magnesia was not as difficult as I thought it would be and I changed history, beating the Romans – by inflicting 25% more casualties than I took – and securing this part of Asia Minor for the Seleucids…the opposite of what happened historically. Phat.


I always try to be graceful. (ed note: he occasionally succeeds)


More next week!

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