What’s Gus Playing? Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare pt2

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Our Space Smurf salubriously slobbers on super sassy screenshots ~

Lloyd Sabin, 12 March 2018

[I] will now regale you with a new collection of super sassy screenshots

You may have surmised that I really loved Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (IW) from last week’s installment, what with the gushing praise for everything it does right and just a mere mention of the one (very annoying) audio bug I encountered.

I still stand by everything I said last week and will now regale you with a new collection of super sassy screenshots. Two years on and this game is still incredibly beautiful, if not overly lengthy. It goes without saying that I wish it was twice or three times as long as it was. Maybe I’ll even replay it eventually… yeah I’m pretty sure I will, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

I took so many screenshots of IW that I feel obliged to make use of them here. Apologies if you’re just not that in to it. It happens. Perhaps one more gaggle of screens next week and I will move on, I promise. But for now…more gushing!

Did I mention there is infantry combat in space? There is infantry combat in spcae! And it is both disconcerting and amazing at the same time.


There’s also plenty of opportunity to blow up capital ships, whether with your infantry squad, from the deck of your capital ship like a gentleman, or in your Jackal squadron like a rogue. Who doesn’t love watching enemy capital ships get lit up? Knaves, that’s who. Knaves.


Clearly destroying that Martian capital ship really pissed off Kit. In your (perfect, beautiful, overtly masculine) face, Mr. Harrington.


Planning the next missions from the bridge. The freedom to choose what to do next is a great feature here.


Close up detail of the mission selection screen.


Particularly beautiful shot of some space-based combat. I could make wallpapers from a lot of these.


Back on the ground, that AFV is one of the few vehicles not pilotable by the player here.


Yeah there are also mechs. Not pilotable, but destructable, and there is one scene in particular where you can watch your Earthling mech slap the snot out of a Martian mech. I squealed like a girl. Again.


A successful hit on a ground target from my Jackal, used in a ground attack role. I feel like the creators here heard a lot of forum chatter on what sci fi gamers wanted from there games over the years and tried to squeeze it all in to the single player campaign. Loin-moistening.


E3N (pronounced Ethan) – your squad’s battledroid (think of the Battle Android Tactical, or BAT, from GI Joe, used by Cobra) enjoys the view. Even he loves capital ships.


And of course Mars has their own battle droids, in an appropriate red motif.


A particularly complex spacescape that made this Jackal run a little more complex.


OK enough gushing for this week…gotta leave some for next week. Smell ya later!

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