What’s Gus Playing? Episode 9

frontier wars 728x90 KS

The pummelin’ pocket Pomeranian packs a punch ~

Lloyd Sabin, 4 December 2017

I continue with my Polish campaign…the year is now 1313 and to get to this point I had to trample the Lithuanians and Kievan Rus while playing nice so the Holy Roman Empire wouldn’t do the same to me.

At this point it’s not exactly a two front war as much as it is a battle against two advanced, pissed off enemy powers.

In between, Hungary and Novgorod got all uppity and are trying to wipe me from the face of the earth. At this point it’s not exactly a two front war as much as it is a battle against two advanced, pissed off enemy powers.

The Stainless Steel AI is putting up a good fight, more so on the campaign map than on the tactical map, but I am finding myself being smacked around nonetheless. See some of the below images to find out exactly how I got to this point of questioning my nation’s independence and even it’s existence in the next few turns. If I annoy one more power…that may be the tipping point and then I’ll be fully on the defensive.

At the same time, tech advances are making the game more interesting and fun, even while becoming more deadly. I hope to develop some useful gunpowder tech to really stick it to the Hungarians and Russians, before they can develop such ordnance themselves. And before the Mongols perhaps coalesce in to a larger threat…they are always waiting in the wings.

As you can see I continue to be impressed with Stainless Steel. It adds endless variety to Medieval 2: Total War and it would take literally years to even start to get bored.


Oh dear. Don’t let this happen to you.


Sounds good, except the whole reason my capital is moving is because it got sacked by a roving band of thugs.


This is the quick way to urban renewal in 13th century Poland. I recaptured the city but would have felt better if it didn’t fall in the first place.


New era! New century! New tech! Will the other eastern European powers allow me to enjoy it?


Looks like the bright shining light of the new century will have to wait. This is what the battlefield looked like at the very end of a recent battle with one of those not-so-friendly powers I mentioned before. It bodes ill for the future.


Druzhina are prevalent in both Kievan Rus and Novgorod armies. Spear troops are effective against them if used correctly.


Fighting on an icy hillside against a Russian unit, attempting to be crafty and flank, until another large force appears over my shoulder on the hill. Not what I wanted to see.


It turned in to quite a rout for me..Russian troops everywhere! Time to regroup.


Just the message I was waiting for! Takes some time to develop gunpowder weapons, though…it doesn’t happen overnight.


Another big advancement, this time a defensive one. Honestly I do not remember if these were included in the base, unmodded game (I think they were) but they’re still great ways to add immersion and flavor.

And as of last night’s session, I still find myself on the defensive against a newly aggressive set of foes in the Russians and Hungarians. They want nothing less than to wipe me off the face of the earth. Got to rally!

Visit next week to see if I can survive!

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