Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 16

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Well, I offered a Friendship Treaty to both the Edo and the Xindi. I didn’t expect the Xindi to offer me their own Friendship Treaty, which I accept heartily. I can now establish trade routes with them, and make even more money! Woo-hoo!

The Edo, unsurprisingly, rejected my Friendship Treaty. It’s going to take a little while before they’ll warm up. Usually, bribing a minor alien race is best done when you put about five turns between bribes, to ensure their effectiveness. So it’ll be about 20 turns or so before they warm up. Meanwhile, the bug-faces find themselves inundated by human trade ships, in something very akin to a California Gold Rush, or the Great Beanie Baby Scam of 1995.


In any case, I hope they like people, because that’s what they’re gettin’.


And long-range scans reveal another alien race. Where were you jerks earlier?

Meanwhile, the Xindi are apparently not only happy with my traders, they’re thrilled, because when I throw them a request for an Affiliation Treaty, they’re all over it like ants on a…uh…umm…an…Orion bapple shake. What?


This is the second of three steps along the Democracy Path. The Friendship Treaty pretty much just lets you establish Trade Routes. The Affiliation Treaty allows a bit more; you can use their Shipyards as staging areas, which means your maximum range is increased. The final step, the Membership, pretty much makes them your vassal.

Once you get a minor race into your fold, though, you need to keep an eye on them in case one of the other Big Boy races decides to t’row some credits their way in an attempt to bribe them out from under you. Minors that are beholden to you will take a very, very long time to bribe away, so some diligent observation (and a few thousand surplus credits don’t hurt, either) will help keep them in the fold.


I also found this disturbing little cretin just off the edge of my known space, to the Galactic North. I know exactly what “Echo Papa 607” is, but if you don’t, I’m not sayin’ nothin’. I’m perfectly happy letting them stay right where they are, for right now. Until I can get a large fleet into the area – which is not going to be anytime soon – I can’t even think about contacting them yet.

How would my in-character Federation President persona know this? Because shut up, that’s why.


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