Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 10

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Previously on The Real Starfleet World…we were waiting to hear what the name of the newest addition to Starfleet is. Well here we go…


Dearest readers, I give you the…USS Excalibur.

Well, that was…wait, what? “Excalibur?” They actually came up with a COOL name for once? I’m so proud I break out the Romulan ale (if we actually knew what a ‘Romulan’ was it might have more to it than simple green Tang) and tell everyone to dig in. I don’t tell them each drink is coming out of their paychecks. Mu-wa-hahaha…

Anyway, yes. USS Excalibur. So, I can’t refer to these as ‘Constitution-class’ though that would make much more sense to my fellow Trekkie nerds out there. Also, ‘Constitution’ is just a dirty word all around, something that seems awfully ignorable and avoidable. So we shall refer to this ship class as the Excalibur-class. Appropriate name, actually, since this system of government I’ve built WAS based on a watery tart throwing a sword at me. More moistened bints in government, I say! Could have been worse…the ship could have been named Edmund Fitzgerald or Hood or something.


To my Galactic Northwest, a new Outpost is built, which increases the range of our NX science ships. Now, let’s go see if there’s more worlds to conquer. I do not wish to weep like Alexander.


Meanwhile, the Tohvun system has reached its max pop cap of 270. Not too bad, but not great. I think I can turn this planet into a nice focal point for Military Intelligence services. My cabinet snickers when I say that. I am beginning to think they don’t take me seriously. I offer them a chance to crew their very own NX science ship and seek new life and new civilizations that might not give them some horrible disease if they don’t shatter their ship’s hull with new and exotic weaponry. They get quiet real quick.

I’m going to build up Tohvun to be a secondary Sol of sorts. We already have a Starfleet Shipyard in place and with the extra Dilithium from other systems flowing in, we have a plethora of ships we can build. Still, I want to be conservative for now. I just hope this doesn’t bite me on the ass later.


I turn my attention to the Galactic West. The Benecia system looks rather inviting as it is pretty close to my furthest Western borders, so I’ve sent a Colony Ship to bring the glory of humanity to the flora and fauna there. Hopefully both are edible.

I’m also continuing construction in Sol of new ships. This is the hub of humanity, so it’s appropriate that it is the hub of Starfleet’s shipbuilding capacity. I have two more Troop Transports as well as two new Excalibur-class Light Cruisers on order, and two more Destroyers as well. I want to start building small fleets to station near my borders, you know, just in case.


Oops. I forgot to colonize Makus, dangnabit. Like I said earler, it’s REALLY easy to overlook small things. If Birth of the Federation had some kind of reminder (HEY, moron, there’s an idle Colony Ship in the Makus system and all planets are terraformed…what the hell are you waiting on?), that would help a lot. I hate missing things like that. Especially with this juicy system, as it has a pop cap of 510. Nice!


I sent both new Troop Transports to my Galactic East to build Outposts there, but there’s a whole lotta nothin’ greeting me. Now, I have the need to expand all the way out there just so I can claim this corner of the galaxy and not have anyone on that side of me.

Strange how we’ve not met anyone yet. (ed note: Carthage knows how you feel)   Maybe we are the only ones in the universe…



My second Excalibur-class Light Cruiser is named…and I cringe, just knowing…the USS Essex. Not bad. I relax my exhaust port a tad. Maybe the visit from the Starfleet Bikini Team lightened up those old fogies a little, thank goodness. I’m sending the Essex out west to form the core of a fleet out there. Two Destroyers will form up on her to help project the power of the Federation. Thus far we’re only impressing ourselves, though.

The third Excalibur-class Light Cruiser is well on its way, and is named…wait for it…

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