Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part 24

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More di Parmas? Who doesn’t love Prosciutto?

In part 23 Oberto killed the King of Sicily in the War for Apulia and Cantanzaro, took Lecce from the Apulians, and plotted to kill the Duke of Apulia’s wife in order to seat his daughter in the Duchy. In this part, an old enemy returns, an old friend fails and new friends save the day.


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From out of nowhere Matilda of Genoa strikes at the di Parmas. The feud with her had been 30 years dead when Oberto declared independence from her and left her armies dead on the fields of Modena.


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Oberto’s northern armies gather under the banner of Salerno, the white flag with a red slash. They are directed to Genoa where they can merge and gather their commanders.

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The southern armies gather under the same banner and march to Salerno


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Amid the chaos of war preparations the King of Bohemia suggests a marriage between his son and heir and Oberto’s eldest daughter. Oberto hurriedly accepts – although it thwarts his plans for the Duchy of Apulia it gives him access to the four thousand troops of his new allies in Bohemia


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Matilda chooses Parma as her battleground and marches the main force of her army north. The ever reliable Captain Radislav and his Bulgarian Band are called to help – they arrive in Modena and march to Parma…..


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……..and taste defeat for the first time. The path to undefended Parma is wide open……….


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…..until three thousand Bohemians ride down from the mountains in the North and crush Matilda’s northern forces


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Bards will sing songs and tell tales of the Battle of Guestalla. On her green fields lie the bodies of over one thousand enemy, the Bohemians wipe out the survivors and leave Matilda defenceless.


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To the west, Captain Ceolwulf of the Saxon Band lands at Genoa and marches towards Tuscany with sieging and plunder on his mind


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They are intercepted at Parma by the forces of Breisgau. Sixteen hundred allies of Matilda attempt to regain control of the field……………

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