Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 6

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Part 6: The Next Dumb Name for an NX-01 is…

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The Troop Transport to our Galactic West has been built! For the first time in human history, we are able to push our borders back further into the inky void. I send a message to the skipper of the Seadragon to send me back a T-Shirt. He doesn’t get it. I tell him to just grab a souvenir or something. I thump on the microphone. What is this, an oil painting or an audience? 



Back home, the upgrade of the Automated Farms to Type 2 gives us a good boost to food. I’ve noted too that the “helpful” aides (read: the computer) shifted my workforce around when the starvation hit; I didn’t notice this before. You need to be careful with this; I had about a dozen pops in Intelligence, which right now is a TOTAL waste of production right now. And it moved all of my pop points out of Research. I swear, leave things to an AI and they’ll bring your society to a halt, not to mention not open the pod bay doors or try to sell you out to facehuggers. You can’t trust those diode dandies.


Now that the food situation is sorted out for the time being, we’re continuing to work on Colony Ships and Troop Transports. After one of each of those is built, we’re going to upgrade our Mass Replicators finally, which will give our industry a huge boost.

My next NX-01 is built finally! I can’t wait to hear what they named it…certainly ANYTHING is better than “Seadragon!” I’ve advised them to name it something really poetic and cool and star-like. What did they come up with?

So it’s an exploratory cruiser, state-of-the-art I might add, that’s named only one letter away from a tiny dirty town in Ohio and a convicted child molester.

Someone, somewhere, thinks they’re funny. I will find this person and…make them my vice-president.

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