Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Van Doos

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Geek’s Crusader Kings II AAR is now old enough to drink.

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In Part 21 Oberto formalised the Duchy of Salerno by taking the fourth province from the Muslims, swept through Sicily to find it undefended and in turmoil and an old foe rose up with a rebel army. In this part, plots, a rightful heir and the di Parma curse.



 It isn’t long before Carla capitulates, realises the error of her ways and sues for peace. When I say peace, I mean the back of a very dark dungeon under Salerno castle



The current Count of Taranto, lovely guy, nothing against him but I don’t think we’re ever going to see eye to eye on religion or culture. He’s got to go.


 Oberto’s eldest, Benvenuto comes of age. Dumb as a brush but an excellent sword master – truly with him and an accomplished Marshall at the head of the di Parmas no enemy will stand fast



 Carla doesn’t like her dungeon it seems – we have more accommodating suites downstairs, where she will never be seen again



 The Castillian King’s first daughter – she’ll do as Benvenuto’s wife. May there be one strong male child, just one



Within 6 months of coming age Benvenuto has joined a plot to kill off one of his brothers. It’s a treasonable offense but I’ll let it go, it will do the family no harm to cut down on a few inheritors!



 The next door neighbours get rowdy



 The sole occupant of Mazar, the Western most province of Sicily. No upper level Liege to declare war on, just this guy – he’s toast



Like father like son. Fortunately this was not in battle and there is no life long grudge to take up. He has a new sexy scar but he’s well past putting it to good use



As we’re readying for the invasion of Mazar, a rebellion starts in Cantanzaro to our South. We have a claim on this province and it’s the next step to claiming Sicily. War had been avoided out of fear of the numbers Guy, King of Sicily could bring to bear. He brings none, and his allies in Apulia get smashed to pieces by the rebel army. With a sigh the armies disembark the ships to Mazar and turn south instead


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