Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 4

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Part 4: Terraformin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

While the terraforming goes well on Tohvun or Tenpin or whatever it’s called, the NX-01 Seadragon continues its clockwise path around its outer range.


We come across the star system that the Department of Galactic Naming calls Hurada. Note to assistant: mandatory drug tests for the Department of Galactic Naming. What they’re coming up with sounds like what my bowels did last night after that plate of ripe Ga’hk.

Hurada looks like a decent enough system, with an Oceanic planet that has a food bonus. That’ll be on the list of future colonies, to be sure; at least for now it falls behind Sarona.

Finally, those slackers on the first Colony Ship finish the work of terraforming the planets of the Tohvun system. I might have been off by a few pop points, but this system can handle 270. Since every 10 pop points equals one slot in the production queue, that’s 27 potential workers for the Federation’s glory. Not too bad. Could be better, but definitely could be worse. And if I were playing the vanilla version of Birth of the Federation, it likely WOULD be a lot worse.




On new systems, I like to balance the construction of farms and replicators. Inevitably this will not work down the road as the population’s randy habits outpace the growth of actual food to feed their snot-nosed offsprings (excuse me, The Future of the FederationTM). For now though, this will serve as a good foundation that won’t need to be acted on for some time.

I’ve also managed to uncover (as I am taking personal credit for all the hard work of those little e-crewmembers out there) two more star systems: Suvin and Boreth. Both are okay. Boreth is loaded with energy opportunities, which is probably good.


A breakthrough in science! SCIENCE, I SAY!


Structural Integrity Fields: Structural integrity fields allow large structures (such as starships) to be made from heavy materials without suffering the stress caused by the mass of such materials. As a result, stronger alloys may be used in all forms of construction, including the fabrication of starships.

Allows: Type 2 Mass Replicator

So this means I…that is, we…are on the road to building bigger, better starships. Wonderful. I decide to start the eggheads on looking at ways to make farms more efficient, so I put all efforts into Biotech now. As the population of Sol starts to go up (as well as on other planets), making my food-production structures more efficient means more population that can go do other things besides sit around and grow dope. I mean corn. Of course, I meant corn.


Meanwhile, the latest Colony Ship has been constructed. I immediately put it to work on terraforming the remaining planets of the Sol system. This comes none too soon, as working on Biotech and having better farms will help make Sol a hub of production. Not to mention the new Rome of the Empire! And by “empire” I of course mean “all-inclusive Federation.”

Looks like my Troop Transport finally got built! Now we’re starting to really stretch our star-legs, as it were…

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