Origins 2013 – Costumes!

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Brant Guillory 22 June 2013

One of the more entertaining benefits of game conventions is checking out the excellent costumes that some folks wear to the show. This year’s Origins was honestly lacking in full-on costumed convention-goers, but a great many people were sporting something, like a set of steampunk goggles, or a set of antennae on their head. I didn’t notice as many animal tails hanging off of people this year, however.  There were a few WH40K pictures that I’ve seen since Origins, but I didn’t see them while I was there.


The demo team for Catalyst’s Leviathans game were most decked out in some nice costumes.



Steampunk costumes continue to be popular.


A his-and-hers Assassins Creed couple out on the main hallway.

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Deadpool meets the Imperial Army meets a fantasy combatant.



A most excellent Daredevil costume



Kevin Sorbo was one of the guests of honor signing autographs on Saturday.



If you’re not in costume, then at least have a witty t-shirt. These were some amusing ones I saw for sale. And yes, I was sporting GrogHeads’ “Keep Calm and Grog On” shirt while walking around.



And while it’s not a costume, it’s not a game convention without at least one egregious case of plumber’s butt.

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