GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #86

frontier wars 728x90 KS

An episode of GARPA full of un-funded projects.  Don’t let that stop you 🙂  ~


Polyversal (Collins Epic Wargames)
$13k of $80k, ends 27 March 2016

We’ve been following Polyversal for a few years now. Yes, years. Here’s the photographic proof at Origins! (Heck, here’s another from 2013…) It’s 6mm sci-fi warfare, so you can play out a large battle over a medium-sized table. There’s a unique visual representation of the command structures based on hexagonal-shaped unit cards whose layout provides a quick look at the unit relationships.   There’s even an online unit assessment tool that lets you bring your own minis to the game, so all those WH40K epic-scale minis that have been languishing in your garage can now come back to life. Teleport over to their campaign page, NOW!


FUBAR (War Games LLC)
$7400 of $10800, ends 26 February 2016

Remember when we covered Jaded Aid, the Cards Against Humanity-based game of international aid? Well, like every good idea, the military stole it and ran with it. Enter FUBAR, the Cards Against Humanity for the uniformed set. Certainly there are some in-jokes that you won’t get if you’ve never been sworn-in, but wargamers are well-versed enough in militaria that you’ll at least chuckle along with the game. March over to their campaign page and pledge away!



GATO Leader and U-Boat Leader (DVG)
$8500 of $18000, ends 25 February 2016

DVG goes back to their tried-and-tested solo “leader” model, and brings you to undersea warfare in WWII. You can play either theater – Atlantic (as the Germans) or Pacific (as the Americans).   U-Boat Leader is an update of an older game, bringing the graphics, production, and packaging up to the same standard as the new GATO Leader. They’ve got an EU partner now, too, so shipping won’t break the bank (cough*Vance*cough). Sneak over to their campaign page and drop your pledge!



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