GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #60

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Look, we know you don’t have a bunch of coin to drop on games right before Christmas.  So we tried to find GARPA entries that don’t close until after 25 December, so you can refund that soap-on-a-rope and put the cash towards what you really want – MOAR GAMEZ!


Night of Man (Flying Pig Games)
$8500 of $11000, ends 31 December 2014

Well, Mark sure didn’t wait too long to get his new venture launched.  Flying Pig Games has been open about 5 weeks, and already has Night of Man on Kickstarter and chugging towards publication.  A military sci-fi game that features an alien invasion of Earth, Night of Man’s card-driven mechanics will help non-Grogs get into the game, and that data-rich counters will appeal to your inner wargamer.   Stretch goals include more maps, new alien races, and additional scenarios.  Yes, it’s a new company, but it’s hardly an inexperienced one, so pledge with confidence and save the world.



Hegemony III: Clash of Ancients (Longbow Games)
C$6300 of C$30k, ends 8 January 2014

We’ve been chatting about this in our forums for over a week, and other outlets grabbed on our discussions are started promoting it, too, so you probably already know at least a little about it.  You get over 20 factions to play with, set during the expansion of Rome as they transitioned from a republic to an empire.  A map editor (new for the series!) lets you recreate your personal favorite battles, or invent new worlds.  Get over to their campaign page and pledge your bucks, and take note of the special boxed edition pledge levels that get you physical copies of the game (who does that anymore?!).



Legacy, Superhero role playing in the United Kingdom (Kevin Rolfe)
£757 of £1000, ends 9 January 2014

No, not every superhero lives in New York.  It just seems like it.  And to get our English cousins into the action – London is a pretty significant ‘burg, too, y’know – there’s a revival of a 30-year-old set of RPG scenarios for UK-based superheroes.   The campaign is having to walk a fine line between getting potential backers interested in a set of scenarios written for a specific ruleset, whilst simultaneously tap-dancing around not having the rights to mention said rules.  There’s a trove of scenarios here – you’ve got about a dozen adventures being pulled together, and edited into a coherent universe that ties the stories together.  Fly past their campaign page and see if this one grabs your interest.



12 Realms: Ghost Town (MAGE)
$18k of $4k, ends 10 January 2014

Technically, this is an expansion, and not a standalone game, but there are pledge levels that ship the basic game with Ghost Town, so you get everything you need to play.  The 12 Realms world is a bit like LXG, or the Rise of the Guardians, where heroes you know from legends and fairy tales (Robin Hood, D’artagnan, a leggy Snow White, etc) have teamed up to keep the Dark Lords from conquering various fairy realms.  Ghost Town gives you a Western-themed haunted town where you work to free one of your compadres from a ghostly realm that flickers in and out of existence.  Oh, and so do your opponents – you have to ‘kill’ them twice!  12 Realms is a lavish game that includes plenty of tangible bits for the kids to play with, and some depth to gameplay to keep grogs from feeling like they’re recycling Candyland.  The campaign page is a little confusing because of all the different base-game-plus-expansions add-ons, but stick to the info on the right margin, and you’ll find the right level to pledge.



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