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frontier wars 728x90 KS

This week, GARPA dips into the pre-order troves of some wargame companies, as well as tiptoeing through Kickstarter, to find you some great upcoming games.


Huzzah! Four Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 1 (One Small Step)
$39.95 pre-order

Company-level actions in the ACW comes to your tabletop in a quad-game package with 4 small, but important, battles from the 1860s.  You get Grant’s first real battle, out in Missouri.  You’ll also get Burnside in North Carolina, and two other fights.  The colorful counters give you a solid period feel, and the maps a compact and get you into the fight in a hurry.  Check out the preorder page and load your muskets!




G42-KwaKawaguchi’s Gamble: Edson’s Ridge (MMP)
$33.00 pre-order

A gorgeous area-movement game of the Japanese attacks to over-run the USMC airfield on Guadalcanal, Kawaguchi’s Gamble is up on pre-order right now with MMP.  Outnumbered over 3-to-1, the Marines are holding Edson’s Ridge from Japanese attacks that include banzai charges and gas attacks.  Drop in on the pre-order page for the game and check out some playtest images and place your order.



Run An Empire (PAN Studio)
£19,599 of £15,000 (ends 15 April 2014)

A mobile game that integrates real-world geo-tracking with an area-control game, Run An Empire takes your daily routes and gives you ‘control’ over them when you encircle the area.  You’re not just the ‘mayor’ of the local check-in; you rule the neighborhood!  Just don’t forget to take your daily walk around the block, or someone else might cut into your control.  It’ll run on both iOS and Android devices, and you’ve got a few days left to jump on the project.



Blue Dungeon Tiles (Kevin Chenevert)
$33,892 of $9500 (ends 23 April 2014)

Remember those old TSR blue-and-white dungeon maps on the card stock folding module covers?  They’re back, and they’re big, and they’re bad.  These blue dungeon tiles are 1-inch grids that fit together edge-to-edge to build whatever custom layout you need.  The bonus rewards have started to pile up, and there are a variety of scenery tiles to add to your adventures.  Check out their Kickstarter page and start reliving your dungeon-crawling glory days.



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