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frontier wars 728x90 KS

After a summer hiatus, here comes GARPA! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 05 August 2016

The Last Hundred Yards (GMT)
p500 $38, MSRP $59 – not there yet

Because what you really need is another tactical level WWII game, right?  But this one includes a significant dose of battlefield chaos and an emphasis on the decisions made by the men on the ground far more than the technical capabilities of their gear.  Early feedback from GMT’s Weekend at the Warehouse is positive, so check it out.



Old School Tactical II (Flying Pig Games)
$33k of $22k, ends 26 August 2016

If you joined us at Origins, you saw OST hit the table with Central Command gang.  Heck, a few people even went home with their own prize copies!  Flying Pig Games is back with the follow-up, taking OST to the Western Front and giving us the Americans to add to the battlefield.  Snipers, Shermans, and Stuarts duke it out with Panthers, Pumas, and PaKs.  Invade their campaign page and launch your pledge.  You know you want to.



Final Act (Tyto Games)
$5700 of $20k, ends 30 August 2016

A plot-and-move game of simultaneous tank action, Final Act is less groggy than most games we generally throw out in front of you.  But for a game that’s supposed to showcase how a tank platoon fights and moves in reaction to what’s happening on the battlefield, it seems remarkably accessible for the kids to play with.  The components look like something you’d find at Toys ‘R Us, not The Gamer’s Armory, but the action promises to be fast-and furious, even if it’s not historically accurate.  Trundle over to the campaign page and check it out.


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