GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #90

frontier wars 728x90 KS

What’s up for preorder in March?  Space wars, dice, castles, and WAR! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 25 March 2016

Hull Breach!: In Defiance of Dictators Card Game (Not-So-Broken Games)
$10k of $33k, ends 17 April 2016

We’ve been tracking the Hull Breach gang for a while, going back to 2013 (, so now that their new release is hitting Kickstarter, of course we’re going to throw them some love!  It’s a deck-builder type of game, with tactical gameplay that depends on how well you can structure and deploy your assets. Your home base (“station”) needs your protection, and you attack with all variety of ships, marines, and special weapons.  Mixing and matching with other boxes lets you customize your deck; fret not, though, as it’s not a collectible game, just a customizable one.  The new box includes enhanced rules for team play, new victory conditions, and a streamlined rulebook, to go with a truckload of new cards.  Launch for their Kickstarter page and fire off your pledge.



Bullseye d8/d4 Damage Dice (Black Oak Workshop)
$3k of $2200, ends 2 April 2016

The dice guys are back.  After a successful campaign for their d6s. they’re back with a d8s (for arrow damage) and d4s (for dagger damage), and artistically matched to the type of damage.  There’s nothing fancy here, no crazy stretch goals (just different color options), and no real backstory.  Just some cool dice that make an interesting twist for your role-playing table.  Shoot over to Kickstarter and pin down your pledge.



Dwarven Forge’s Castles: 3-D Modular Terrain for Gamers (Dwarven Forge)
$1.066 mil of $100k, ends 30 March 2016

We really shouldn’t need to introduce too much about these guys – it’s gorgeous tabletop terrain for your minis-based gaming, whether skirmish battles or RPGs.  This pack gives you castles instead of dungeons.  They’re beautiful, they’re durable, and they’re heavy, so set them up and leave them up for a while.  Add-ons include terrain dressing and extra wall pieces.  The Kickstarter page is confusing, but as long as you drop at least $200, you’re going to get a great table full of terrain.



Next War: Poland  (GMT Games)
p500 $59, MSRP $89, made the cut

The Next War series heads to Europe as the Russian Horde rolls into NATO.  It’s a boat-load of counters, a 22×34 map, and another 22×34 “strategic display” to go with the necessities like, y’know rules and dice.  It’s a 1-2 player game, but has team rules, too.  Roll over to GMT’s p500 page and get your fight on.


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