Tuesday Gaming Nostalgia – Recon RPGs

frontier wars 728x90 KS

While the GrogCast is on Summer vacation, we thought we’d bring you some entertaining blasts-from-gaming’s-past with some classic print ads to conjure up some reminiscing.



Did you ever play Recon?  What were your thoughts?


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3 Responses to Tuesday Gaming Nostalgia – Recon RPGs

  1. Brian Train says:

    I had the very first edition of Recon, back when it was an FGU product.
    Boy was it fiddly, but I found it a lot more interesting than the sword and sorcery stuff I had been playing (D&D of course, though I liked the Metagaming system In The Labyrinth a lot better).
    My first appearance in print was a “capsule review” of Recon I wrote for The Space Gamer, the Metagaming magazine, in 1984.
    I think I still have the $5.00 check they sent me for it.

    I always wanted to score a copy of the “Hearts and Minds” expansion for the game – did anyone ever have that?

    • Brian Train says:

      Yeah, but it’s not worth US$45.00 to get a copy from Switzerland (does “88ambush53” have a mountain cave full of these relative rarities, or what?).

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