Tuesday Screenshot – Scourge of War – Gettysburg

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Tuesday July 2 2012 screenshot Gettysburg screenshot

The hot and humid Pennsylvania air was stifling, made worse by the gunpowder smoke that was slowly beginning to fill the air.  It had taken most of the day before then men of Hood’s division had been sent forward to attack the Union left flank.  Despite the exhaustion from marching through the muggy late afternoon heat, the men went forward in good order, quickly pushing back the Union pickets.  Now as they continued to press their attack Union lines were solidifying to their front and slowing their progress.  Their objectives, the two wooded hills, rose out of the landscape before them.  These two earthen giants were theirs for the taking.  The plan was simple and the men would do what was asked of them, but still there were doubts.  Had the enemy seen them in time and realized their plan?  Was it too late in the day?   There was urgency now in the voice of the officers as they pressed their men forward.  This battle, this day, could very well change the course of this horrific war.

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