The Tuesday Interview – Glenn Drover

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Friend-of-Grog Glenn Drover comes back for another visit ~

Michael Eckenfels, 28 February 2017

What’s the craziest move you ever tried to pull off in a wargame?

GD:  I’m an aggressive attacker, but never crazy. 😉

What wargame made you want to be a designer?

GD:  It is probably the fault of a whole group of games that I loved in the mid-late 70’s. From Milton Bradley: Carrier Strike, Skirmish, and Battle Cry; as well as Avalon Hill’s Tactics II and Third Reich. I played these endlessly with my dad and solo.

Is there a particular wargame designer whose work you always check out?

GD:  Jeph Stahl, Harold Buchanan, Mark Herman, Richard Borg, Ananda Gupta

What kind of wargame do you never see yourself playing?

GD:  Hex and counter wargames that are not on my PC. I have become super-addicted to playing wargames on the PC because of the built-in opponent and ease of play.Glenn-Art

My first car was…

GD:  a lime green Dodge Aspen that I bought in college for $100. It lasted for about 4 months before it totally gave out.

Have you ever visited a battlefield for a wargame you’ve played?

GD:  Yes! Several.  I have been to Gettysburg (3 times), Antietam, Fredericksburg, Wilderness, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Brandywine, and Waterloo.

Favorite piece of furniture in your house?

GD:  Inside: Our old barn wood kitchen table. Outside: An Italian tile and Ipe wood patio table that I built.

What is one historical outcome you’d change to make a compelling alt-history game/scenario?

GD:  What if the South moved quickly to occupy the border states, or influenced their state governments to vote for secession? The manufacturing power, wealth, and population of Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland might have made the war very tough on the Union forces. And the immediate loss of Washington D.C. might have thrown the Northern war effort into disarray, and moved the campaigning out of Virginia.

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