A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 8

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After a few-month hiatus, we’re back!

By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, April 9, 2015

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DW Part 08 - 01

They’re almost on the other side of the galaxy from me but the Glorious Enton Territory agrees to sign a mutual defense treaty. If the Visareen decide to attack,  they may go after my new allies first before coming for me, giving me some time to prepare.

DW Part 08 - 02

With a -28,000 credit income I think it’s time to sell some technology. The Ackdarian Republic is cautious towards me and, better yet, on the other side of the galaxy, so any tech I sell them isn’t likely to come back and bite me any time soon.

44,000 credits for enhanced storage is the best price I’m going to get. I could sell them more but I would be virtually giving the tech away with the amount of money they have in the bank.

DW Part 08 - 03

I’m giving Enhanced Sensors away, but I really do need the money.

DW Part 08 - 04

With the war over, my fleets are on their way home for refitting and refueling. I’m going to take all of my escorts and frigates that are on picket duty and combine them with my strike fleets. With the non-existent pirate threat in this current game, having a few picket ships is not going to deter a determined AI assault on a system. They’ll be cannon fodder in the strike fleets, but they will add to the fleets’ overall firepower while they last.

DW Part 08 - 05

Well, this isn’t good. With all my fleets out of fuel and thus taking a speed hit there’s not much I can do to stop the Yirphunea at the moment.

DW Part 08 - 06

They start the war by going after the Adrenui moon in the Mantarran system. With no more than a token garrison force there’s nothing I can do.

DW Part 08 - 07

My spy stole the Gulrath operations map, displayingsome relatively lightly defended systems that I could probably grab if I do it quickly. I’ll to have to wait until after this war with the Yirphunea.

DW Part 08 - 08

To show just how much a low developed colony can drag down your economy, losing Adrenui switched me from a -23,000 cash flow to a positive 24,000.

The AI suggests a rather aggressive building plan. Since exploration is just about done, I’m going to cut the exploration ships. I also think my 4 construction ships are handling the current building requirements so the 3 additional suggested ones get cut as well. I settle for 8 new destroyers and 4 frigates. This will use up about half of my new cash flow in maintenance.

DW Part 08 - 09

Faltir and more importantly the systems gas mining station are the lynchpin for supporting further operations against the Gulrath. Without it I won’t be able to refuel my fleets. Unfortunately, I’m just going to have to take the hit and lose it. Good thing I evacuated all of the troops I used to take the planet before they arrived.

DW Part 08 - 10

While I could have afforded to Adrenui, losing Faltir sends my income back into the red. I’m really close to having new armor tech for my ships. I’ll give into the Yirphunea for now, with the plan to counter attack when all of my ships are refitted with the new armor.

DW Part 08 - 11

DW Part 08 - 12

And 9 months after making peace with the Yirphunea my scientists complete their research. The refit is going to cost half of my current credits but I think the added survivability will be well worth it.

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