A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 7

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By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, December 18, 2014

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DW Part 07 - 01 

I’m running a huge deficit at the moment. Expanding or upgrading the fleet is out of the question until I can get back into the positive in terms of cash flow. I’m considering changing governments in the near future. The +10% maintenance cost for being a republic isn’t the worst thing in the world but it is contributing to the negative cash flow.

DW Part 07 - 02 

DW Part 07 - 03 

The cash isn’t even close enough to put me into the positive but at least not everyone hates me.

DW Part 07 - 04 

DW Part 07 - 05

I don’t normally sell tech to the AI mainly because it can be easily abused but I’m getting desperate for cash.

DW Part 07 - 06 

My exploration ship arrives to scout the Faltir system. No troops on the planet and a single 384 firepower defensive base in orbit. Shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack, as long as I send my capital ships in first to smash the base.

DW Part 07 - 07 

For the coming war, first fleet will primarily be charged with defending the Dhayu, Furrus and Anseun systems. 3rd fleet and 4th Strike Group will serve as my primary striking forces. Since I don’t have a good chance of being able to take the Yirphunea homeworld with the forces available, after I take Faltir, I’ll leave 3rd fleet to protect the planet while 4th Strike Group raids the Yirphunea infrastructure.

DW Part 07 - 08 

First things first…getting rid of the Yirphunea mining station in the Mantarran system.

DW Part 07 - 09 

DW Part 07 - 10

3rd Fleet arrives in Faltir. It takes some losses but it does destroy the planetary defense stations. The fleet goes on to destroy other infrastructure across the system while the troop transports move in to take the planet.

DW Part 07 - 11 

And the planet falls.

With the damage it took in the attack 3rd fleet won’t be able to hold off a determined counter attack if Yirphunea launch one. I decide to send it home, while 2nd strike group moves in to defend the planet.

DW Part 07 - 13 

1st fleet begins its attack. Moving from system to system it destroys any enemy mining station or ship that it can get into range. It ends its rampage in the enemy home system, where it takes out everything but the enemy homeworld.

DW Part 07 - 14 

With my fleets already stretched thin against the Yirphunea, there is no way I can fight the Adare territory at the same time. The Adare have fewer systems but a significantly higher military strength rating than me.

So I buy peace with a technology transfer.

DW Part 07 - 15 

The ungrateful citizens on Faltir are rebelling. With 232k troops stationed on the planet they don’t stand a chance of repelling me without outside reinforcements.

DW Part 07 - 16 

With my war weariness reaching serious levels and the Yirphunea unwilling to surrender despite having nothing but their homeworld left, I offer them reactor/power technology for a peace treaty.

DW Part 07 - 17

DW Part 07 - 18

DW Part 07 - 19 

The strategic picture after the war. I was thinking of going after the Gulrath again (far right) next. But with the Adare obviously hating my guts, I may be forced to at least try and deal them a defeat or two. The Adare have almost twice my military strength. I’m going to need to try and make some alliances before making any grabs in their direction.

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  1. Thanks! very interesting to follow your adventures through this hardcore 4x game 🙂

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