Car Wars – A Trip Down The Memory Fast Lane, Part 4

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Car Wars in the rear view mirror, again ~

Michael Eckenfels, 21 October 2016

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Yes, it’s marked #3. Expansion #1 (uniquely and cleverly named “Expansion Set #1) had a ton of road sections and extra counters, along with suggested track and arena layouts. Expansion #2 (named…yes, you guessed it!) had more of the same…more counters in the form of duplicate counter sheets from the original game, as well as from both Sunday Drivers (err, Crash City) and Truck Stop, and even a ‘Turning Key’ that was apparently a maneuver template of some kind to move your cars around more easily.



Number 3, though, which was released in 1983 and which I actually own (I don’t have 1, 2, or many of the other 10…I might have a surprise or two later on, though), adds another huge map (42” x 32” total – actually it’s two maps that combine into one). There’s also 31 extra vehicle counters and a rule and scenario sheet.


Technically, you don’t need Crash City to use East Midville, but the background info and two of the scenarios in East Midville are based on CC, so it’s important to own both of them. The rule book includes some gems in it as it describes a lot of East Midville. A lot of work went into both this and Crash City to bring it alive. And, later on, we’ll see even more useful items that can be combined with this den of slaughtered vehicles.

Considering the art is freehand, it’s pretty damn impressive, even today.

Considering the art is freehand, it’s pretty damn impressive, even today.



Unlike Midville, I didn’t crack this one open to play. I mean, I of course ogled it, but I failed to use it as it was intended (and no, I didn’t use it in an unintended way either, you sickos). The counters are are still nestled nice and neat in their original form.

I’d love to go into greater detail but I’m not sure how far I can go and not get nailed for copyright violations by describing everything in great detail. It certainly deserves it, as it is such a rich and detailed creation, made even more so since it was made at a time where imagination was the best graphics card around.

Ugh, that was lame. Time for more of East Midville.


Another look at the ads…this time we have an Uncle Albert’s Gunnery Shop. I guess my worrying about copyright infringement is moot since this is technically a review (more like, a Car Wars love fest, but still). So I might get into greater detail with Uncle Albert later, as I have one or two of his guides. And here’s another look at the Autoduel Quarterly offering, which again, I will look at later.


Finally, here’s some East Midville for you. Though…while there’s quite a bit of backstory and such written into the rules (as there is with Midville itself in Crash City), the map itself is somewhat dull compared to its more urban and hipster cousin to the north. Err, west. Groceries, apartments, and…yeah, that’s all there is to see here.


And…houses! With roads wider than a home lot! I guess if you live in a home built after the year 2000, you could probably touch the house next to you through one of your windows, so this isn’t exactly a stretch for the future. And, again, there’s not much to it other than what you see on the map. Though, your imagination is your only limit!

Sorry, I had to do it.


All folded back up after…uh…months of preparation. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

East Midville is basically more of the same for Crash City, though with more of an area to run around on and structures that are presumably easier to set on fire and smash through. I can only hazard a guess at what some Car Wars players did to their own maps back in the day.

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