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Our Mission

Provide an online community support strategy gaming across the spectrum of gaming – digital, mobile, tabletop, and miniatures – for hobbyists, professionals, and academics, and to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas about gaming and other topics for those interested in strategy gaming as a whole.

Our Manifesto

Take that Hill!

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? It’s a good question. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination, but even so we think having some basic guidelines is helpful. Here at GrogHeads, we’re interested in how games work. We’ll “ooh” and “ahhh” over splashy graphics as much as anyone else, but in the end we look for games to hold to some kind of internal or external logic. “Realism” may be stretching the concept, but games should at least try to make sense in their own universe if not real life. That’s what we’re about. The best games may not be 100% simulations of reality, but they tend to engage us with mechanics that makes us believe it’s the way things should be, even if they’re not.

Man Cannot Live On Bread Alone

Sometimes ya gotta take a break from the routine. At GrogHeads we love a good military sim as much as the next guy. Maybe more. Wargames should meet the criteria of trying to replicate historical or modern conflicts. But at GrogHeads we also have fun playing sci-fi games and those with elves and dragons. Not being real, dragons don’t have to conform to historical behavior, which is why we’ll be looking for them (and the spaceships) to be created with an eye on whether they make the case that the universe they live in makes sense. Reality doesn’t have to be real, but it should be fun and it should make some kind of sense. Even if it doesn’t really make sense. Does that make sense?

So What’s That Mean?

All this vision thing means is that we like to have fun, we like to play a variety of games, and we like talking about them. Expect our reviews to be eclectic – expect the unexpected. We’re not always going to be the fastest out the door with a review, but we hope when we get to it, it will be because we’ve taken enough time to get to know it. Declaring a great game to be great isn’t really that difficult. The hard part is when you have a decent game with a few flaws. Sometimes they’re easy to identify, but often they’re not. Articulating why a game is good-but-not-great is often the difference between being a fansite and being a true review site. We’re not interested in gratuitously bashing games, but the ability to define both the good and the not-so-good in a game helps readers come to understand if there’s enough of what they like to make the call to buy it. And it helps the developers and publishers understand why it didn’t blow the marketplace away.

At GrogHeads, we’re going to try to help everybody in the gaming community understand why games are great, and if they aren’t why they aren’t. We’re going to look deeper. Because we have games on the brain.

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4 Responses to About Us

  1. DragonMind says:

    I could register on your forum.
    Once upon a time back in 2016 you had a post created about “Heathen Engineering’s Terran”
    We have been hard at work and heavily re-engineered the game to focus more on strategy.

    Please have a second look and let us know what think. Remember to opt in for the beta version in Steam, for the most recent version available.

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