Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas, Part 34

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In Part 33 we saw Benvenuto consolidate his power in Sicily, view the task ahead to create a united Italy under one crown, become aware of his impotence against the HRE and finally succumb to dementia. In this part, funerals, marshals, vile nepotism and a Holy war.


Slight administration error on the picture taking. Behind Oberto’s clearly distraught message about how rich he has become is the notice of his father’s passing. It is with genuine sadness that Benvenuto goes to a better place. However, he lasted long enough for me not to be able to control a few things with Oberto and my first concern is his two sons. Despite being King of Sicily, Oberto must bend to the will of the HRE’s laws until independent. This means we still can’t introduce the law of Primogenture and hand the whole lot over to the eldest son – the realm will be split on Oberto’s death – I need to rectify this somehow


Oberto not only inherited his father’s stubborn refusal to be involved in diplomacy, he also inherited his prowess on the battlefield – almost immediately the Emperor comes knocking for a new Martial.


Our daughter plots to kill our undesirable youngest son – chin rubbingly intriguing, I’ll let the plot run for now


Searching for a strong foothold in core Italian lands the Duchy of Genoa comes up for grabs. The di Parma’s have held the county title for generations but the Duchy always belonged to Matilda. It has swapped hands a few times now and is entangled in Bohemian succession, but the Pope seems to think it should belong to Oberto and urges him to press the Emperor


Ha, if only grabbing Duchies was that easy every time


Ever the strategists, the di Parma’s look to strengthen their lot at every opportunity. The problem with Emperors is they have Empire sized armies, why not aim for the same title and unite Italy’s and Hispania’s Kingdoms? Then go stomp on the German *$&^%&$%


Four months after been granted the Duchy of Genoa, the Emperor in his wisdom revokes it…………..


……..and gives it to his son. “I want him dead, I want him found, and I want him dead. I want his family, dead. I want his house burnt to the ground. I want to go out in the middle of the night and **** on his ashes” – Robert di Parma, The Untouchables


With all faith in the HRE lost Oberto takes Sicily and in time Italy in a new direction. Gone are the petty squabbles of old, no more fighting with Tuscany – bigger goals are sought. We will build an Empire fit for a di Parma and we will march at the head of an army, the likes of which has never been seen before, the time of Germany is over. We will start with Spain, and we will start there with Barcelona. Five thousand Knights Hospitaller land on the beaches, a few days ahead of a three thousand strong Sicilian army


Six thousand Muslims beg to differ

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