Brother Against Brother – The AAR, Part 3

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Matrix Games just released their new game of the American Civil War, Brother Against Brother. Here’s a play-by-email AAR of the First Battle of Bull Run.

by kwhitehead (of the Matrix Forums), 17 April 2015


Turn 27c – 1400

On the other flank, Ball’s Ford, it looks like the Union had some truly bad luck. A number of key regiments which need to move to get them out of the pocket failed to activate as indicated by the red circles. And Longstreet’s 11th Va regiment managed to hold his ground right in the middle of them. They are almost surrounded. And I move all my regiments to make it a solid wall of enemy on three sides. Things are probably going to go badly for them. Key regiments I give charge orders too.


Turn 28 – 1420

The attack at Ball’s Ford was a complete success. The 27th Penn and 29th NY Regiments were captured. Others scattered to the winds.


Turn 29 – 1440

Cocke is killed by a stray bullet. Extra Billy Smith takes over his brigade.

The Buck Hill fight is going nicely. It looks like only Porter is there. Jackson’s and Elzey’s brigades should be able to drive them so I push them to make contact and switch to assault orders.


Turn 30 – 1500

The fighting is heavy on the two flanks as I drive the Union back. Total casualties are running around 2 to 4 hundred each turn. Now it looks like the fighting is going to pick up in the center. It looks like the Union is going to advance against the Robinson House area. I think I will be able to clear Buck Hill and be in position to strike that attacks flank before they can succeed.


Turn 31a – 1520

The battle is heating up across the entire front. Last turn 301 Yankees fell at the cost of 241 Rebels.

I am fully deployed now on Buck Hill and getting ready to drive them.


Turn 31b – 1520

In the center they are advancing on the hill in front of the Robinson House. But I have already shifted two batteries and some of Jones’ brigade to take them in flank as the march up that slope. I plan to shift two more batteries over and the rest of Jones.


Turn 31c – 1520

And on the Union far left at Ball’s Ford things are even going worse for them as I move to try to trap even more regiments.


Turn 32a – 1540

As expected last turn was bloody with casualties of 533 for Union and 347 for Rebels. The Buck Hill position looks ripe for breaking so I push my two brigades to close up and assault them. I use a couple of my “Urge Unit” orders (these are orders available randomly to brigade commander to give a movement bonus to one of their regiments) to get hose too far away into contact. I assign a number of units to charge them.


Turn 32b – 1540

On the other flank, Ball’s Ford, I am closing in for the kill of some more regiments. Hopefully I will get some more surrenders which will drag the Union Army morale down.


Turn 32c – 1540

Normally my screen shots are at the beginning of my turn since the turn is really an orders phase. While you move the troops they don’t necessarily do what you tell them to. But to give you an idea of what I am attempt on each flank the composite screen shots below show the intended position for my troops on Buck Hill and at Ball’s Ford. If things go as planned I should have some Union regiments in some very tight spots.


Turn 33a – 1600

And here is why after move shots like the one I gave for Buck Hill don’t mean much. As you can see by all the red circles both Elzey’s and Jackson’s brigades failed to activate and the Union slipped away but not far enough. I will try again to close with them but it won’t be near as decisive attack as I had set up last turn.


Turn 33b – 1600

On the other flank they at least moved but the Yankees turned out to be more like greased pigs and popped out of the trap. They probably routed but I was trying for surrenders.


Turn 34a – 1620

I was able to close with their front line at the Robinson House. I also noticed their Army Morale took a rather severe hit from the heavy loses and routes. It dropped to an all time low of 1.40 compared to my 2.12. More importantly the minimum value increased to 1.30 so they are only a tenth away from collapsing.

I order everyone to advance to try to make contact. Unfortunately only at Robinson’s House am I close enough for full contact. But if I can just drive that morale down a little I will break their army.


Turn 34b – 1620

Used another Urge Unit and was able to get Bartow, Hampton and Jones into contact with their line. Hopefully I can break it opening the way to the Wooden Bridge and maybe help push their Morale down too.

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