Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Four Touchdowns

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di Parma is going for di Record of di longest AAR on di web

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In Part 27 one evil brother was executed, leaving a young nephew in charge of Genoa, this nephew was imprisoned for treason and a plot is afoot to dispatch him. The other evil brother is already rotting in prison, his fate undecided. With all rebellions quelled, Benvenuto turns his attention to the family rival, Matilda in a plan to take her lands and destroy her line. In this part plots, sub plots, and the two ways of expansion



Eleven hundred of Salerno’s finest gather just outside Matilda’s lands before launching the assault


Ah, the fate of my little nephew and his Genoan territories seems decided



Can you believe it? Benvenuto offers him safe housing in the castle to protect him from all those evil conspirators and the little sod tries and escapes. It’s not the escape attempt that hurts, it’s that the poor little mite fell and was crushed by a horse – Benvenuto accepts the titles to Genoa with tears in his eyes



Whilst Benvenuto’s personal army attacks the South, the recently called upon Mustachioed Heroes of Bulgaria attack in the North. Totally unexpectedly nearly three thousand Bohemians march out of the mountains and attack. It’s a sad day indeed and fifteen hundred dead and dieing Bulgarians are left on the field of Carpi. Captain Nicolai moves south to reinforce



With a heavy heart Benvenuto gets the war chest out again and recruits the Saxon band to cover for the Bulgarian losses – he should be able to afford both for now. Now with three armies the Salerno mafia can go to work on the Duchess properly



Nothing makes Benvenuto more angry than been interrupted mid siege by a messenger to tell him that his sister in law has come to beg for the life of her husband, Benvenuto’s imprisoned brother. After a few seconds of contemplation and a heavy sigh, he orders them both executed – he’s had enough



Without any armies to defend her lands, Matilda can see the writing on the wall, saving Salerno a very long sieging campaign she hands over the county.



To strengthen his grasp on the claim for the Kingdom of Sicily, Benvenuto needs Apulia. His Chancellor has been nothing short of disastrous in fabricating claims on these lands – it’s time to try skullduggery. He finds a claimant to the Duchy of Apulia who wants to defect to Salerno, he’s invited to court



With Frery on board we can press the claim for Apulia. Turns out Flandina the Cruel of Croatia is the executive in charge of the lands, this should be interesting.



Seems like Matilda will never learn, and in the background eighteen hundred angry Croatians are heading our way

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