A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 3

frontier wars 728x90 KS

By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, August 27, 2014

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DW Part 03 - 01

Thats more like it, every construction yard on both of my spaceports is full. These ships should go a long way towards helping transport resources from my new mining stations. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is anything queued up when this batch of freighters is done.


DW Part 03 - 02

DW Part 03 - 03

My second construction ship is finally finished. While my first one busies itself with necessary strategic resources, I send this one to Tatrong 1 to mine the extremely rare luxury resource Zentabia Fluid.

DW Part 03 - 04


DW Part 03 - 05


Found another moderately rare resource. This one is located within my territory so there is no hurry in getting a mining station built to claim it.


DW Part 03 - 06


DW Part 03 - 07

At least he didn’t get caught. You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed try again.

DW Part 03 - 08


Besides being too close to my territory, this pirate base is sitting in a high resource system I’m going to want to take this out ASAP, but like a lot of others things its going to have to wait. My entire fleet consists of 1 escort, 1 frigate, and 2 destroyers. Not enough firepower to take down even a small space port the pirates have.


DW Part 03 - 09


The AI has a lot of warships in que. I’m assuming the reason the AI isn’t building any of them right now is the lack of resources.


DW Part 03 - 10


DW Part 03 - 11

A tough choice. Send one or both of my construction ships to attempt to claim and repair a damaged ship(s) or do I keep them building mining stations. I decide to que up another construction ship to send out there.


DW Part 03 - 12

Maybe it wasn’t a tough choice after all. The AI automation did something I didn’t expect here. Unknown to me, because I didn’t check, the AI had a colony ship assigned to the moon Weely in the Ugnar system. Not only do I get a new colony that already has a population on it with the empire ability that goes with it, I also claim the Ugnari debris field for myself.


DW Part 03 - 13

Assuming none of the other empires claims or destroys any of the ships, I should be able to get 4 capitals ships, 2 cruisers, a frigate, and a troops transport from the debris field. The new construction ship Tenacious Scout was already on its way to repair one of the capital ships. I’m sending my first fleet consisting of the destroyers Bainbridge and Barry to escort the Tenacious and discourage any assaults against it.

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