Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part 11!

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By Undercovergeek, 29 December 2012

Starting off the second ‘decade’ of UCG’s Crusader Kings II AAR…

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In Part 10 the plot to unseat Matilda was unleashed and the Di Parma’s patiently waited for the wedding and the first offspring of the unholy union. Capua was conquered and added to our lands, and demesne-wide improvements were instigated to bring more money into the coffers. Here in Part 11 the thrust to capture enough lands for a claim on the Sicilian throne begins, at a heavy price – literally.



When we’re not buying in Ladies With Talent™, we’re making them ourselves. The highly skilled diplomat Biagio begins his role as tutor.

ckiiI opt for more Hedonism, I don’t actually want any more sons in an attempt to stop the fracture of our lands that occurred when the current Oberto came to power, but I like the prestige boost.

ckiiIn the background, through gritted teeth I’m trying to get Matilda to be a tutor for one of the children from my court; this improves our relations and allows me to ask her for the Duchy of Genoa that’s rightfully mine. In the foreground, the claim on Taranto finally comes through. There’s good news and bad news. The good news – it’s actually a claim on the Duchy that contains Taranto and Salerno which allows me to fight for two regions at once and speeds up our progress, the bad news – the cost. Money spent now prevents money been spent down the line on an extra battle and possible mercenaries, but it would mean borrowing the money………


ckii……I take the claim and borrow the money to fund it. The terms are a bit harsh but if I plough the change into province improvements it will be easier to get the money back.


ckiiHighlighted are the lands we need to take Sicily – a big job but if we do it bit by bit we can make it, hopefully some Muslims will cross over the Med and cause a bit of trouble to help out.


ckiiBiagi the Chancellor moves into Catanaro – the first proper step for taking the throne. It has to be timed carefully, if I’m still under Matilda’s yoke she will claim it herself.


ckiiLadies With Talent™ teach the kids.


ckiiMore Hedonism options – the last burst of fertility and partying didn’t produce any unwanted offspring, I go for some more.


ckiiThe day finally comes. The Di Parma’s sit and wait patiently for the first child.


ckiiMore tech stolen from the wise and advanced lands of Egypt.


In Part 12, brotherly skulduggery, improved relations, and unwanted children.

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