Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 3

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Part 3: Oopsies all around

Wait…hello, nurse!

I’m using HyperSnap, and for some reason, the suns aren’t appearing in the screenshots. Nor are the dilithium displays. So, I’ve downloaded Fraps to capture these things, so let’s see if it’s done right.


Looks like it.

So, the Seadragon moves into the Sarona star system and finds not only lots of big planets with energy and food bonuses…but dilithium as well! This is huge news, because dilithium is what makes starships move, and starships moving means the Federation becoming big and powerful, which means we’re safer when we run into ali-err, I mean, IF we run into aliens, of course.

The unfortunate thing about Sarona is, you’ll note that it’s outside of the range of our Colony Ships. That green box around Sol in the last screenshot is their range, which means only Tohvun and Altair can be reached right now. That Troop Transport has suddenly become much more important, so I will fast track it to first.


Huh. I’ll lose 62 industry if I stop the Colony Ship. I don’t see why they can’t just…build around it or something. It’s not like they’ve spent a lot of time constructing it. But once the engineers come into my office with their PowerPoint and their lectures on ‘frame stress’ and ‘worker’s strike,’ I kind of doze off and let them go to do whatever they think is right. And that means, leaving the Colony Ship as is for now. But, I will strike the Science Vessel (the next NX-01) and put a Troop Transport in there, then allow the NX-01 to be constructed.


I’m sure the unions are just going to love me being in charge.

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