Origins Convention Report – Lock ‘n Load Publishing

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Catching up with David & the crew at #Origins2017 ~

Michelle Owczarski, 26 June 2017

We’re still working our way through our Origins 2017 reports, even though we’re over a week past the show!

With a staggering release of 30 new or updated titles, Lock ‘n Load Publishing earns this reporter’s “Most Ambitious” prize for Origins 2017.

Due to shipping issues from the printer, David Heath said he had a limited number of each title air shipped to meet expectations for his booth. Even so, response has been strong with approximately 40% of convention stock sold on the first day.

Brand-new to Lock ‘n Load Publishing is the Lock ‘n Load Tactical Solo set,  a card-based tactical rules AI, called AEO, or Artificial Enemy Opponent, allowing a player to enjoy any of the Lock ‘n Load titles in solitaire mode.

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Tactical Solo designer Sean Dreulinger said the system is based on flowcharts. “There’s a situation, question, and decision,” to provide a result for the AEO. Cards provide direction but do not micromanage enemy actions. It was intentionally designed to be non-specific and can be used easily with all modules.

The design process was relatively quick, with the project beginning in November and play test copies sent out in December and January. Playtesters checked the system against a number of LNL titles, representing both World War II and Modern eras, with good feedback, and guidance on editing, and a random event table was added by David Heath.

As far as updates, these games are now individually complete. Previous versions had counted on using components from games across the series. Many now also include extra counters or scenarios not previously published in-box.

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