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What’s coming up at Origins this summer? ~

GrogHeads Staff, 8 April 2017

Per GAMA, event registration goes live on 3 May.

What’s on tap this year?  Plenty!

  • Tournaments!  We’ve got afternoon/evening tournaments for Lock’n’Load Tactical, Quartermaster General, Spearpoint 1943, and Twilight Struggle
  • Team / Group events!  In addition to our Command Post Wargaming, we have a pair of Team COIN games back this year, plus big team games of Old School Tactical, Sergeants!, and Crucible of Force (Slaughter in the Snow).
  • Kids!  We’ve got a special wargaming program this year for the kids – yes, KIDS!  We’ve got 4 games that we’ll be running all weekend, in shorter 1-hour sessions.  And for any kid who plays all 4 games at least once each, we’ve got a special Junior General prize.  These games are for kids age 7-14, and they must have an adult come to the table with them.

Which companies are here with us?

  • Griggling Games!  Quartermaster General, and some expansions
  • Flying Pig Games!  Mark’s got 5 (five! fünf! cinco! V!) different games over the course of the weekend with us
  • Enterprise Games!  With their support for our GMT events again this year, we’ve Fields of Despair, Wing Leader Supremacy, some COIN events, C&C Ancients for the kids, and the Twilight Struggle tournament
  • Collins Epic Wargames!  We’re running Spearpoint 1943 events (for the kids, too), but look for Polyversal, also
  • Lost Battalion Games!  The always-awesome Sergeants! games are back, and look for their award-winning tiles, too
  • Proving Ground Games!  Bringing the lead to the battle, with their minis wargaming, and a special movie-monster scenario for the kids
  • Lock’n’Load Games!  Nations at War, LNLT, and tanks for the kids

Over 65 events across 4 days, for all your wargaming goodness.  Plus, show up Wednesday afternoon and see what the staff has on the table just for their own fun 🙂

When you’re looking for our events in the Origins master event grid, they all start with “GrogHeads Presents”.  We did that to make it easier to find when sorting through a giant spreadsheet with over 6000 events, however we stripped it out of the names on our event grid here just to simplify the listings.

Don’t forget that everyone who plays in our events gets a discount with our vendor partners, and gets entered for some great Sunday-morning raffle prizes.  There’s also at least one prize for one of the players at every one of our events.

Note that the kids’ events – as noted above – have a special prize for kids who check out all 4 of the different games, and do not have prizes for each individual event.

Click through for the sortable table of events

GH Origins Events 2017

Event #NameDate & TimeDurationProgram  
4711'656/15 (THU) at 14002hrs
4716A Distant Plain6/15 (THU) at 17004hrsTeam COIN
4758A Distant Plain6/17 (SAT) at 19004hrsTeam COIN
4707Command Post Wargaming6/15 (THU) at Noon4hrsCPX
4722Command Post Wargaming6/16 (FRI) at 10004hrsCPX
4736Command Post Wargaming6/16 (FRI) at 18004hrsCPX
4746Command Post Wargaming6/17 (SAT) at 13004hrsCPX
1271Crucible of Force6/15 (THU) at Noon2hrsMinis
1274Crucible of Force6/16 (FRI) at 13002hrsMinis
1276Crucible of Force6/17 (SAT) at 11002hrsMinis
4704Fields of Despair6/15 (THU) at 10002hrs
4721Fields of Despair6/16 (FRI) at 09002hrs
4743Fields of Despair6/17 (SAT) at 11002hrs
1272Fields of Fire6/15 (THU) at 17002hrsMinis
1273Fields of Fire6/16 (FRI) at 09002hrsMinis
1277Fields of Fire6/17 (SAT) at 15002hrsMinis
4701Kids - Command & Colors Ancients6/15 (THU) at 09001hrKids
4718Kids - Command & Colors Ancients6/15 (THU) at 19001hrKids
4730Kids - Command & Colors Ancients6/16 (FRI) at 15001hrKids
4748Kids - Command & Colors Ancients6/17 (SAT) at 13001hrKids
4754Kids - Command & Colors Ancients6/17 (SAT) at 17001hrKids
4713Kids - Movie Monster Madness!6/15 (THU) at 15001hrKids
4720Kids - Movie Monster Madness!6/16 (FRI) at 09001hrKids
4726Kids - Movie Monster Madness!6/16 (FRI) at 11001hrKids
4757Kids - Movie Monster Madness!6/17 (SAT) at 19001hrKids
4709Kids - Spearpoint 19436/15 (THU) at 13001hrKids
4728Kids - Spearpoint 19436/16 (FRI) at 13001hrKids
4737Kids - Spearpoint 19436/16 (FRI) at 19001hrKids
4742Kids - Spearpoint 19436/17 (SAT) at 11001hrKids
4759Kids - Spearpoint 19436/18 (SUN) at 09001hrKids
4706Kids - Tank on Tank6/15 (THU) at 11001hrKids
4715Kids - Tank on Tank6/15 (THU) at 17001hrKids
4735Kids - Tank on Tank6/16 (FRI) at 17001hrKids
4739Kids - Tank on Tank6/17 (SAT) at 09001hrKids
4750Kids - Tank on Tank6/17 (SAT) at 15001hrKids
4760Kids - Tank on Tank6/18 (SUN) at 11001hrKids
4703Lock'n'Load Tactical6/15 (THU) at 10002hrs
4719Lock'n'Load Tactical6/15 (THU) at 19002hrs
4751Lock'n'Load Tactical6/17 (SAT) at 15002hrs
4734Lock'n'Load Tactical Tournament6/16 (FRI) at 16006hrsTournament
4710Nations at War6/15 (THU) at 13002hrs
4723Nations at War6/16 (FRI) at 10002hrs
4745Nations at War6/17 (SAT) at Noon2hrs
4747Night of Man6/17 (SAT) at 13002hrs
4724Old School Tactical 26/16 (FRI) at 11002hrs
4756Old School Tactical Mega Game6/17 (SAT) at 19004hrs
4741Platoon Commander Kursk6/17 (SAT) at 10002hrs
4714Quartermaster General6/15 (THU) at 16002hrs
4729Quartermaster General6/16 (FRI) at 13002hrs
4740Quartermaster General6/17 (SAT) at 09002hrs
4755Quartermaster General Tournament6/17 (SAT) at 18004hrsTournament
4702Sergeants!6/15 (THU) at 09002hrsMinis
4712Sergeants!6/15 (THU) at 15002hrsMinis
4725Sergeants!6/16 (FRI) at 11002hrsMinis
4731Sergeants!6/16 (FRI) at 15002hrsMinis
4744Sergeants!6/17 (SAT) at Noon2hrsMinis
4752Sergeants! Mega Game6/17 (SAT) at 16004hrsMinis
1275Slaughter in the Snow: Finnish Counter Attack at Suomussalmi6/16 (FRI) at 16004hrsMinis
4705Spearpoint 19436/15 (THU) at 10002hrs
4732Spearpoint 19436/16 (FRI) at 15002hrs
4738Spearpoint 19436/16 (FRI) at 19002hrs
4753Spearpoint 19436/17 (SAT) at 16002hrs
4717Spearpoint 1943 Tournament6/15 (THU) at 18004hrsTournament
4733Twilight Struggle Tournament6/16 (FRI) at 15006hrsTournament
4708Wing Leader Supremacy6/15 (THU) at Noon2hrs
4727Wing Leader Supremacy6/16 (FRI) at Noon2hrs
4749Wing Leader Supremacy6/17 (SAT) at 14002hrs
(none)GrogHeads Prize Raffle (must be present to win)6/18 (SUN) at Noon30minPRIZES
GrogHeads Central Command events at Origins 2017


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