GrogHeads Central Command Origins Events 2018

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What’s coming up in Columbus this summer? ~

GrogHeads Staff, 24 April 2018

Per GAMA, event registration goes live on 2 May.

This year, we’ve got a variety of things for you to check out –

  • Kids!  The Junior General kids’ table is back!  We’ve got 3 games that we’ll be running all weekend, in shorter 1-hour sessions.  And for any kid who plays all 3 games at least once each, and completes 1 extra mission, we’ve got a special Junior General prize.  These games are for kids age 7-14, and they must have an adult come to the table with them.
  • Team / Group events!  Command Post Wargaming is back, and this year, we’ve got an old-school Kriegspiel to go with it!  We also have big team games of Sergeants! and Lock’n Load Tactical, and a play-with-the-designer for Quartermaster General.
  • Tournaments!  We’ve got tournaments for Table Battles, Manouevre, and Nations At War.
  • Origins War College!  GrogHeads will be sponsoring/leading 4 talks at the Origins War College, and we’ve included those in our events below (note that these will be in the OWC rooms, not in our gaming area).
  • Wait…  what’s that?  A Kids event that’s also a Group event?!  Yep!  We’ve got a big multi-board game of Commands & Colors Napoleonics specifically for the kids to play a mega-big game.
  • Oh yeah, and an open gaming table (see details at the bottom of the page)

Which companies are here with us?

  • Tiny Battle Publishing!  New this year, showing off their series In The Trenches
  • Hollandspiele!  Another new one this year, presenting several games: BitsKrieg for the kids, Supply Lines of the American Revolution for the adults, and Table Battles for the tournament-inclined.
  • Lock’n’Load Publishing!  Nations at War (and a tournament), LNLT, and tanks for the kids
  • Enterprise Games!  With their support for our GMT events again this year, we’ve Time of Crisis, Talon, C&C Napoleonics for the kids, and the Maneouvre tournament
  • Griggling Games!  Quartermaster General, and some expansions
  • Lost Battalion Games!  The always-awesome Sergeants! games are back, and look for their award-winning tiles, too

Over 50 events across 4 days, for all your wargaming goodness.

Plus, the Sunday morning raffle, and a bonus this year – an absolutely FREE event on Wednesday night, as we hold a Kriegspiel for anyone who wants to join us, starting at 4pm.  If there’s enough demand (and enough pizza) we might even run it twice!  This is a chance to kick off your gaming weekend in style, with a come-check-it-out-with-nothing-to-lose event from your favorite wargaming miscreants – us!

When you’re looking for our events in the Origins master event grid, they all start with “GrogHeads Presents”.  We did that to make it easier to find when sorting through a giant spreadsheet with over 6000 events, however we stripped it out of the names on our event grid here just to simplify the listings.

Don’t forget that everyone who plays in our events gets a discount with our vendor partners, and gets entered for some great Sunday-morning raffle prizes.  There’s also at least one prize for one of the players at every one of our events.

Note that the kids’ events – as noted above – have a special prize for kids who check out all of the different kids games, and do not have prizes for each individual event.

Click through for the sortable table of events

Event #Event NameStart DateStart TimeEvent DurationProgram
6283Skirmishers in the Age of Gunpowder06/14/20189001 HrOrigins War College
7823Kids Wargaming - Bitskrieg06/14/201810001 HrKids Table
7800In The Trenches06/14/201810002 Hrs
7836Kids Wargaming - Tank on Tank06/14/201812001 HrKids Table
7803Time of Crisis06/14/201812002 Hrs
7828Sergeants!06/14/201812002 Hrs
7795Supply Lines of the American Revolution06/14/201813002 Hrs
7815Nations at War06/14/201813002 Hrs
7832Kids Wargaming - Commands & Colors Napoleonics06/14/201814001 HrKids Table
7808Talon06/14/201814002 Hrs
7841Command Post Wargaming06/14/201814004 HrsCPX
7824Kids Wargaming - Bitskrieg06/14/201816001 HrKids Table
7804Time of Crisis06/14/201816002 Hrs
7818Lock'n Load Tactical06/14/201816002 Hrs
7829Sergeants!06/14/201817002 Hrs
7837Kids Wargaming - Tank on Tank06/14/201818001 HrKids Table
7812Quartermaster General06/14/201818002 Hrs
7798Table Battles Tournament06/14/201818003 HrsTournament
6284Soviet Air Force 1922 - 194506/15/20189001 HrOrigins War College
7833Kids Wargaming - Commands & Colors Napoleonics06/15/201810001 HrKids Table
7819Lock'n Load Tactical06/15/201810002 Hrs
7830Sergeants!06/15/201810002 Hrs
7807The Manoeuvre Tournament06/15/201810006 HrsTournament
6285Irregular Warfare 06/15/201811001 HrOrigins War College
7825Kids Wargaming - Bitskrieg06/15/201812001 HrKids Table
7809Talon06/15/201812002 Hrs
7842Command Post Wargaming06/15/201812004 HrsCPX
7838Kids Wargaming - Tank on Tank06/15/201814001 HrKids Table
7816Nations at War06/15/201814002 Hrs
7801In The Trenches06/15/201814002 Hrs
7822Sergeants! Mega-Game06/15/201814002 HrsSpecial Event
7827Kids Wargaming - Commands & Colors Napoleonics06/15/201816001 HrKids Table
7813Quartermaster General06/15/201816002 Hrs
7820Lock'n Load Tactical06/15/201817002 Hrs
7799Kids Wargaming - Bitskrieg06/15/201818001 HrKids Table
7796Supply Lines of the American Revolution06/15/201818002 Hrs
7843Command Post Kriegspiel06/15/201819004 HrsCPX
6286Kriegspiel's Modern Applications06/16/20189001 HrOrigins War College
7839Kids Wargaming - Tank on Tank06/16/201810001 HrKids Table
7802In The Trenches06/16/201810002 Hrs
7811Commands & Colors Napoleonics BIG KIDS BATTLE06/16/201810003 HrsKids Table
7817Nations at War Tournament06/16/201810006 HrsTournament
7805Time of Crisis06/16/201811002 Hrs
7844Command Post Wargaming06/16/201812004 HrsCPX
7826Kids Wargaming - Bitskrieg06/16/201814001 HrKids Table
7810Talon06/16/201814002 Hrs
7797Supply Lines of the American Revolution06/16/201814002 Hrs
7840Kids Wargaming - Tank on Tank06/16/201816001 HrKids Table
7831Sergeants!06/16/201816002 Hrs
7806Time of Crisis06/16/201817002 Hrs
7834Kids Wargaming - Commands & Colors Napoleonics06/16/201818001 HrKids Table
7835Kids Wargaming - Commands & Colors Napoleonics06/16/201818001 HrKids Table
7814Quartermaster General with the Designer06/16/201818004 HrsSpecial Event
7821Lock'n Load Tactical Mega-Game06/16/201819004 HrsSpecial Event
The Big Kriegspiel Playtest (free!)06/13/201816004 HrsCPX
The World-Famous GrogHeads Wargaming Raffle06/17/201812001 HrChaos!

Please note that the times of the 2 talks on Friday at the War College were accidentally switched.  The talk on the Soviet Air Force will be at 9am, and the talk on Irregular Warfare in Wargames will be at 11am.  Our grid has the times right, but the Origins events grid does not.

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The Open Gaming Table!

Sometimes you just want to sit down with some friends and play your own game, or show off something in progress for others to ogle.  Rather than struggle to find a spot in the back corner of the hall, or pay extra to set up in the Board Room, we’ve got a Grog-friendly gaming table for folks who want to play their own games while hanging out with the Cool Kids™ at Ft Kickass.

How does it work?

We’ve got 4-hour blocks that you can sign up for at the show (9a-1p, 2-6p, 7-11p), and that table is yours for those 4 hours, plus the cleanup time to clear off for the next group to come in.

The rules (such that they are):

  1. You cannot charge for anyone to play at the open gaming table, whether tokens, cash, pizza slices, or gold bullion.
  2. You cannot sell anything at the open gaming table.  This is strictly for gaming, not for trying to circumvent the vendor restrictions about selling games without a booth.  Don’t sell anything, advertise a website to buy anything, or tell folks to meet you at 4th and High St to score a copy of anything.
  3. Sign-ups will run out approximately 24 hours.  No showing up on Wednesday and booking Saturday and Sunday before anyone else can get there.
  4. You cannot book back-to-back sessions to stretch out your playing time.  The point is to let a lot of people get a bunch of different games on the table.  If you book the last session of the day, and our guys are still manning the booth for late-night gaming, you’re welcome to stay until we close up shop, but you have to tear down to be ready for the next game in the morning.
  5. You cannot interfere with any other events on the other tables.
  6. You have to have taken a shower within the past 24 hours.

Just come find us on Wednesday, and we’ll start signing folks up!