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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas... Part Sixteen

By Undercovergeek, 11 April 2013

The diParmas are back and it's WAR!

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Part 16


In Part 15 the War of Independence started proper. Oberto is 4 - 0 up in the battles, the heart of Matilda's forces have been decimated and her castles lay open to siege. Now Oberto takes the war to Matilda's coffers in a bid to pay for the war..............




Our Chancellor Biagio, with a skill level of 20 that has brought most of Southern Italy within Oberto's grasp is dead - post mortem investigations will show 'suspicious circumstances' - a plot! Dammit




I'm loathe to replace him with a Bonifacio - treacherous bastards they are - but I need the Diplomacy score. On the map Parma is sieged whilst we siege Brescia in return - our score is higher and we should break the fort first and then Oberto will march south to break the last will of Matilda at Parma.




One of the junior Ladies with Talent (TM) is now mentor-less without Biagio, she's passed to the new Chancellor for similar whilst less skilled training.




The Spymaster goes next, severe stress says Quincy - I don't believe him. Oberto looks shiftily towards Modena




Cousin Conone - he'll do, but he's not rocking the Palpatine look as much as his predecessor




We break off the sack of Brescia to end the siege of Parma - their progress is faring better than ours and I can do without the financial hit of the capital falling. Oberto moves south and all but ends Matilda's armed resistance to our independence.




Brescia falls and a pitiful 15 gold pieces top up our coffers - it's enough to rent the mustachioed heroes of the East for another two months.




The recently appointed Chancellor gets one in the back whilst horse riding. Damn but Mathilda's good with the black ops!




Whilst all this was going on the HRE were happily stomping all over my wife's inheritance. Her Father got his ass kicked in Provence and seen as I have a spare castle or two (!) the in-laws and their court come over the Alps like a band of refugees. Good news is they all have awesome Council boosting stats - here a better steward............




..............and here a decent Chancellor again.


In Part 17, Victory!!! And the aftermath

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