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A Civilization V AAR - Lucky Part 13

Brant Guillory, 4 April 2013

Bad puns, great gameplay, and occasionally brilliant maneuvers, as Brant's Civ V Gods & Kings AAR rolls on.

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We finally found someone else, so let's negotiate with them and see what it gets us. Meanwhile, we're spreading Catharism around the world.



Have a Little Bit of This!

Catharism has now been spread to Lisbon, and you'll notice by the green bar under their name that our influence there has gone up.



Keep on Moving on...

Our next stop? La Venta, which is also desirous of Catharism. And really now, who wouldn't be? Am I not a benevolent god-dictator?



What to Build?

Utique is in need of a new project, so let's check out the National Epic. It would really help amp up our production of Great People, but see where it says you have to have a Monument in all cities? We're about to build a new city in the next turn or two, and won't have a Monument there for a few turns yet. Let's pass on this one for now.



What to Build Instead?

How about a Garden? It has the same basic effect, but without the +1 culture you get from the Epic.



What to Build With It?

We're going to load up the queue, and add the Great Wall at the end of it all. We're not really expecting to get it built. But there's at least one city-state that wants us to build it, so we'll give it a shot.



No, I Haven't Lost My Marble(s).

Yeah, I was stuck for a pun. But the good news is that Marble always finds you a trading partner with the other civs.



Getting Pious.

I've going to 'organize' my religion here, and boost some faith coming in.



Antwerp Under Attack!

We caught a ground unit embarked. Let's get 'im wet, eh? ATTACK!



Saguntum It Shall Be.

Our new city is built and time to get to expanding. Note in the bottom left corner that Sir Idiot Scout Dude is finally catching up with us.



What to Build Here?

I'm putting the Water Mill second in the queue as it provides a nice production bonus that'll help get all those other things built.



Even Been to the DMV? Why Are They Called "Civil" Servants?

While Civil Service gives us all sorts of other bonuses (like increased production of farms) what I really care about right now is that it allows Open Borders treaties.



Ohhhh, Pachacuti!

Let's open up those borders, eh?



Me Think You Not So Pacha-"cuti" Anymore.

How much do I have to bribe him to get through?




Normally, Marble would command 200G as a lump sum. Let's start with this and negotiate from there.



You Not Getting Any 'Cuti-er'

Let's rachet back and see what he says.



I'm About To Kick You In The Kneeca... I Mean, "Dear Sir, Whatever Might Assuage Your Concerns With Allowing Access To My Fine, Upstanding Sons of Carthage?"

I'm just going to ask "what will make this deal work?"



What a Skinflint.

Apparently, the cost of access is sharing my borders + 75G, which is what I have to discount the marble to get this deal signed. Fortunately, I have some extra marble, and it's always in demand.



Start Conquering This Land.

We're going to start clearing some timber for farms. Plus, clearing the forest will give us a quickee boost to production for building that Monument.



La Venta Sees The Light!

Yep, they're Catharists now.



Another Missionary. And Starfury's Still Snickering.

This guy is headed to Zurich to reinforce our ties with those guys. Get them converted and our influence will stay way up there.


Next time? Whaddaya mean "next time"? How do you know there's going to be a next time? What if I don't feel like doing another one? Yeah, right... I gotta do something with all these screenshots!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 and even Part 12!

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