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Warlock, Master of the Arcane

A Head-to-Head AAR

By MetalDog & Barthheart, 21 March 2013

So what does an AAR of a head-to-head game of Warlock look like? Heck, we don't know either - read on and lets discover together.

click images to enlarge


The Setup - MetalDog

'Deep in the bowels of Grogheads, a plan was hatched.  Pitting four of our fellow forumites against one another, to the death, in a game of Warlock!' 

At least that's how I envisioned it.  It actually came about through a suggestion from our esteemed leaders. So, Gus, Windigo, Barthheart and I have taken up the mantle of Mages for your enjoyment.  What we endeavor is to entertain you with our game and include everyone in the thought process.  At least that's what I am undertaking.  What the other guys write, I won't know.  I won't be peeking at their AAR's.



We started on Normal difficulty level as I wasn't sure of everyone’s time spent with Warlock.  We settled on 10 minute turns in order to allow time for screenshots and to wage war.  This match will be to the elimination of the other Great Mages, although, I nerfed it and made all of the Victory Conditions active.  However, each player knows that the elimination of his rivals wins the game.




We are playing on a Normal size map.  In order for the game to not take an eternity, we need to be close to one another to facilitate conflict and finality.  There are three other worlds to explore if we should choose.


TURN 1 - Barthheart


Home Sweet Home

I am a simple Mage with a tall order of a quest in front of me - Unite the World. Right off we go....



This is Greenmill, seat of my power. Not much to look at right now but we'll get that built up quick. First things first, send some troops out to have a look around.

Looks like we have some neutrals NW of here. These will make a good free town, when I have enough troops to take it. An island lies to the south with some silver and pigs. Will have to get over there and plant the flag so to speak.




With that done I order up some new troops and a Craftsmen District to gain some more cash. Cash is always good. I build it as shown so as to leave a coastal space for a harbour I'll need to get troops across to the island.



Also start research on a spell - Firestorm! It will take a few turns but it's very strong and worth the wait.

TURN 1 - MetalDog



I chose King Rrat because he starts with 200Gold Pieces as well as +10GP per turn.  There's one other benefit that is escaping me at the moment, but those two are sufficient for now.  This game ultimately comes down to three against one and in order to come out on top, I will have to take out my rival Mages one at a time as quickly as possible.  Gold is essential in any endeavor, so the having and the making of it are essential, too. 



This is my Capitol, Snakegate.  It's nothing spectacular.  There are no resources inside my current borders, but, once Snakegate reaches level 5 as a city, my borders will expand and the Silver in the SE hex will become available to work.



The lands around me after my first turn.  There are Pigs, Gold, and a couple of Mana Sources nearby.  There is also a Neutral city quite close, Dreadspell is its name.  It is an undead city.  Undead units require no Food as part of their upkeep each turn and that will be an advantage this early in the game.



My first spell is going to be Lightning Bolt.  The damage caused is good and the casting cost is reasonable.

Turn 3 - Bartheart

The (Rat) King and I


Roaming around some more I catch a glimpse of Stophro's lands to the south. Hopefully I've moved away far enough so he can't tell where I came from. Also spot a Skeleton Gravesite. Going to be a tough fight for that.



Just to be neighborly I demand he pay me tribute. You know, because I need money to do this Unify thing....

Also start work on harbour, more troops and a settler.


Turn 4 - MetalDog



The beginning of turn 4 brings me to a meeting with Barthheart.  Excellent!  Maybe we can trade and enrich one another as our empires grow at the expense, um...the Neutrals?


Maybe not.  Bart demands 100GP which I politely refuse and declare War!



Outside the borders of Garuta lies a Demon generator, untended.  I swoop in and hit the jackpot!  Not only do I get 65 Mana, but, I get a Spell causing a goodly amount of damage.  I know just who I am going to introduce that to ;)

Turn 4 - Bartheart




Seems that there is no charity in the land of Stophro... so now we are at war! Fine might as well get this party started early!


Turn 5 - Bartheart

Land Bridge Ho!



I have this cool spell where I can cast and get a troop of Imps on any hex that I have in sight that isn't covered by FoW. So I cast one and get an Imp on the island to the south, capture the lost caravan and look what I get! Raise Land spell! With this I can build land bridges across water and walk into Stophro Land.

Elsewhere, my other troops are camping to rebuild strength after taking out some evil nests.


Turn 6 - MetalDog



The situation at the end of turn 6.  I have two Neutral cities ripe for the picking and four units in the field.  My Gnome Settlers will be ready next turn and I will head West with them towards the Pigs I saw earlier.  I am moving that way for two reasons.  1) I am in the negative for food and the Pigs will be an enormous help.  2)  Barthheart is most likely in that direction and I want to be able to place a city and troops in that vicinity to suss out how well defended he is currently.




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