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GrogHeads Announces May-viation

GrogHeads Staff, 24 April 2013


Starting 1 May, GrogHeads will shift focus to May-viation, and flyboys, rotorheads, and zoomies will rejoice. Once they find us, that is.


What is this "May-viation" of which you speak?

May-viation is our month-long celebration of aerial combat wargaming and history. We're going to talk about aviation wargames and flight sims, tap into some experts on airpower history and Air Force wargaming, and showcase some of history's famous fighters.


All airplanes? All the time?

Well, we're not going 100% air combat. There are other things we'll still cover, including a couple of articles that have been written for a while and we were just waiting for the right time to drop in.


What about your regular features? Whither GARPA and the Tuesday Screenshot?

Still here, but may have a slight aerial flavor over the next few weeks.


So that's it? Just a bunch of articles about aircraft?

Well, no, not exactly. Watch for details of our May-viation Shootdown soon. We can't say too much, but we've been in contact with folks at Wargame AirLand Battle, DVG, Armchair General, and DoctrineMan about some prizes for participants.


So that's it? Some articles about aircraft? And your usual features that totally rock? And some interviews with guys who know all about air combat wargaming? And some cool history articles? And a metric monkey-load of photos from the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB*? And a contest with some prizes from some pretty cool folks?

Yeah, that's pretty much it.



* oh, hey - did we forget to mention this one? D'oh!


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