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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas... Part Fifteen

By Undercovergeek, 14 March 2013

The diParmas are back and the dynastic succession continues

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Part 15

In Part 14, tired of the Modena yoke around his neck and still bitter over his Father's death Oberto declares war on his liege, Matilda and strikes out for independence. In Part 15 the war starts in earnest..........



Bohemia bottles it



My treacherous half-brother wades in with 350 of Corsica's finest



Luxembourg bottle it too. Have I got enough to do this?



Whilst I declare my independence from her, she starts a faction to break away from the HRE. Always copying my ideas



Yeah, yeah, sons shmons there's a war to fight



As seen in Part 14, Matilda's forces are fragmented around her different territories. With the arrival of the Bulgars we have the advantage of 3000 men all ready and set to go. Oberto picks the biggest of the fragments and attacks in an attempt to reduce their numbers before they can mass - and it's a total massacre. The experienced Moustachioed Heroes lose 97 and destroy all 650 of Modena's defenders, the Battle of Reggio will go down in di Parma legend. As is usually the case Oberto is short of funds after hiring mercenaries - we need to capture each province and pocket the gold each demesne yields before we can move on.



212 of Matilda's faithful attempt to break the siege at Modena, for the loss of 4 di Parma loyalists they are all destroyed. Further South 1181 enemy troops march on Parma itself. Our warscore is already 11 and we haven't taken a scrap of ground off her yet.



At the Battle of Pavia Matilda's forces are crushed again, of the 1181 aggressors 432 flee to the hills surrounding Parma. Poets and musicians pen verse to the great victory. Money reserves are running low, we really need to knuckle down to a siege and start stealing the Modena cash.



Amidst all of this the HRE approach Oberto and ask if he would like to run the Empire's Diplomacy department - we say yes and get the Prestige bonus



Dear God, historically war has made Oberto horny but that's taking it a bit too far


In Part 16, assassins decimate the Parma council, the in-laws move in, and Oberto sieges to keep the bank happy.


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