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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas... Part Ten-and-Four

By Undercovergeek, 21 February 2013

Hey look, it's UCG's Crusader Kings II AAR...

click images to enlarge

Part 14

In part 13 a son was lost, Naples was gained, more sons were born, Oberto met the Sicilians – he wasn’t impressed – and Matilda’s line of dead husbands grew longer. Now in Part 14 Oberto wrests his lands from the evil clutches of Matilda and declares his independence.


After the latest update Oberto’s ability to manage his own lands has been reduced. I’m only 1 over the limit – it shouldn’t have too much effect on the demesne – we’ll keep an eye on it. As I’m only a Count I can’t give away subsections of demesne – it’s the whole county or nothing and I don’t want to give hard fought lands away yet.



We receive word that SHE has usurped the Duchy title of Capua for herself (top right). Oberto’s had enough.......................



....... he manages to squeeze in a ‘good luck’ **** before he rides off to Mantua to tell Matilda where she can stick her allegiance.



It took a while to work out who the subject in her court could be – me!! Casting the chance of execution aside Oberto tells Matilda it’s over, it’s all his fault not hers, it’s nothing she’s done, no, no there’s no one else, he just needs his space. That, and the next time hecomes back here he’s coming with a big goddam army and the Crown of Sicily on his head.



My step-brother wants to help. I eye him suspiciously knowing he was the leader of the plot that killed my eldest son, and plan his own untimely doom whilst waiting for his answer.......



Luxembourg wants in too.............



...................and the Prince of Bohemia, her step son!!



To force her to capitulate, we need Brescia...........



.....and everything else here surrounded by red. Three times the land that Oberto owns, and three times the forces.



Riders return from the East. There is a smell of goulash, the sound of accordions and a distinct tint of moustache on the horizon – the Bulgarian Band are coming. Matilda raises her forces under the red cross of Genoa. Oberto stands in Parma with his 3000 gypsy lovers – IT’S ON!!!!!


In Part 15, songs are written of the slaughter at the Battle of Reggio, and the skies darken under the shadow of the carrion crows picking clean the bodies at the massacre of Pavia...... who will win the day?

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