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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas... Part 13!

By Undercovergeek, 7 February 2013

Starting off the second 'decade' of UCG's Crusader Kings II AAR...

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Part 13

In Part 12 Oberto uncovered a plot to kill his eldest son, stole technology from the Egyptians, and advanced upon Naples after Matilda blocked his claim on the Duchy of Genoa. Now in Part 13 the insidious plot culminates in disaster, Oberto fights the Sicilians, his future subjects, and Matilda’s lineage takes an odd turn.


We manage to kill the Duke of Naples in battle, this would normally lead to the surrender of his troops, but it seems his son has taken up the banner and the fight continues.


This Hedonism thing is going too far, at the next choice I’m going for celibacy and single beds.


Nooooooooooooooooooooo!! Medieval grief lasts only a few minutes as I realise I’ve just fathered an unwanted son, this unwanted son is now the new shining hope of the di Parma clan – oh the twists!


The various internal provinces of Naples start to fall.


Although I outnumber them I’m not too happy about the Sicilians massing on the border – they’re allied to Naples.


Yes please, I need all of these for the Kingship – the time is coming soon to declare independence from Matilda


Oh, another one – well at least I have a spare in case my step brother comes up with another plot to kill us off.


I’m not going to ask why, but just as 760 Sicilians march into Naples to kick Oberto’s ass, the infant Duke of Naples offers his terms for full surrender – I bite his hand off forcing the Sicilians to go sulking back South without swinging a sword.


Whilst checking to see if my Sister-in-Law has broken Matilda’s line I notice her previous husband has died and she’s shacked up with the King of Bohemia......


......and two months later he’s died! There’s something fishy going on here!

In part 14 – The di Parma War of Independence!!!!


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