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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas... Part 12!

By Undercovergeek, 10 January 2013

Starting off the second 'decade' of UCG's Crusader Kings II AAR...

click images to enlarge

Part 12


In Part 11 we tried to get Matilda to teach the children of the di Palma court in order to improve relations with her. We then accepted a claim on the Duchy of Taranto that gives us a step up on the road to Sicily (but also went into debt for it), and we started the heinous plot to unseat Matilda by marrying her heir to my half-sister. Here in Part 12 we uncover murderous plots, wait for a child of the new Tuscan takeover scheme, and expand a bit more.




My Spymaster earns himself a landed title or two when there’s some to hand around – my half brother plans to kill my eldest son. Corsica becomes Oberto’s new intended weekend retreat and seaside resort.




We find a way to circumnavigate Matilda’s refusal to teach one of the children. I nominate myself as a member of Matilda’s court to teach a child from my own court – this seems to have done the trick.




One of the crazy women living under my roof supporting the plot to kill my son – I threaten to call immigration and she backs down...............




.......and here’s the other one. Both members of Ladies With Talent (TM), I seem to have a knack for shipping in murderous, crazy ladies.




Matilda agrees that I’ll make a good guardian and it goes through. Our relationship passes the requirement for me to be able to ask for a Duchy, but she has very cleverly made herself Duchess of the land I have a claim on – revenge will be very pointy and sharp.




Dammit, all this hedonism and fertility has made Oberto all fruity. We hope for a girl to prevent the fracture of the lands.




ANYONE would make a better Steward than the one I have now! In the new Italian version of the Apprentice, Abelardo gets the ‘You’re Fired!’ treatment and I take on his brother – got to love Italian politics!




If Matilda has declared herself Duchess of Genoa I’ll go and get myself another title. With the fall of Napoli I can claim the Duchy of Capua, and hopefully my awesomeness will be seen by the Emporor and he’ll grant me the Duchy himself.




Armies are drawn from all over the provinces, unfortunately the garrison in Capua is a might smaller than I thought and standing alone is the first to face the might of the Neopolitan army. The rest are on their way.






In Part 13, Nephewticide!!! (I couldn’t find the correct term for ‘Uncle kills Nephew’) More babies, Sicilians, surrender, new lands, and the amazing power of Matilda’s ****!


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