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A Civilization V AAR - Number 9... Number 9... Number 9

Brant Guillory, 14 February 2013

Do the math. Seriously. We're at 0 AD, and we're 9 freakin' episodes into this AAR. Most games run 'til at least the mid-1700s, even on "quick" speed. And the turn/year ratio gets more granular as we go. Oy.

Code Monkey Note: We were going to run another episode of UCG's Crusader Kings II AAR, but he's traveling through Lower Bandwidthia right now, and our Ed in Chief seems to be battery-challenged, so you're getting Civ V Part 9 ahead of schedule...



As always, click images to enlarge

Last time, we updated our tech research plan, wrapped up our first policy tree, and triggered a new Golden Age.



Start Building Already!

I can now get my lumber mills and Colosseums underway. I really need those Colosseums. Bread and circuses, friends. Bread and circuses.



Rounding the Island.

I've got two warships near Marrakech now, so the seas there are pretty calm. However, the only land unit I have is a scout (not the idiot one!) and that makes attacking the encampment tough. I may need to try to vulture a hit or two with the locals first.



So Close, and Yet...

See that bit of land peeking out of the fog to the east? Yep. See that nice, dark strip of impassable ocean between me and it? I am Jack's raging frustration.



Pootling Around the Northeast.

Channeling my inner Bob, my archer is still pootling around, looking for any barbarian camps that might appear out here with giant billboards that say "please come kick my ass!"



Sneaking Around Marrakech.

While trying to avoid crossing their territory so as not to anger them, I'm skirting around the edges of Marrakech to get closer to that camp that... ugh, just spawned another brute.




That's the sound of the lumber mill. No word on whether or not we can invent artificial fireplace logs to give lumber mills +1G/turn, too.



Time to Plant Another City.

Hey ma, look what I found! A city!



Welcome to Gades. It's Like Hades. But With a G.



Oh Large Person or Persons of whatever gender, or branch of the animal kingdom, who did something great and is now someplace where we aren't...

Trust me, it's funny.



Healed Up and Ready for Another (Mis)Adventure.

Idiot Scout Dude is ready to pick another fight somewhere. Or have one picked for him. More likely the latter.



Take That.

Idiot Scout Dude totally wails on a hapless barbarian archer. Hellllo, experience points!



And There's the Camp.

The Zurichese are closing in as well, so let's hope the soak off some of the attack that otherwise might get rammed down my throat. But if I can vulture this kill on the camp, I get a schmooze boost with Zurich and the gold.



Putting Our Great Prophet To Work.

We're going to found a religion. Which takes multiple clicks. Not sure why.



OK, Now We're Really Going to Found That Religion.

Second click.



Pick a Name, Any Name.

I pick them based on the coolness of the symbols, and I like Tengriism's symbol.



Rename It If You Want.

When I play the Celts, I always call it "Celtism". Here, I'm renaming it Catharism. It's kinda like "Carthage" in it's spelling, but my ancestry is also from the Languedoc region of France, so this is my revenge on the world for the Albigensian Crusade.



Pick Your Beliefs.

If only religion really worked this way, huh? I don't have a lot to choose from, because other religions were founded first. So with a limited menu, I'm going to first try to boost some happiness. I need it anyway, and I plan to keep expanding cities, so I'll need it even more as the game goes one.



Second Belief.

Here's the second belief... and I'm totally not breaking my usual form here. I love me some Pagodas. I mean love. Like Longblade loves him some Aquaman. They are awesome all-purpose buildings that do a lot for your cities.



Idiot Scout Dude Levels Up, Again!

Time to stop being so disparaging about this guy, huh? Henceforth, I dub thee: SIR Idiot Scout Dude.



Utiquen Production.

Utique needs a Mint. And a Market. And everyone needs a Colosseum. And see where I now have the Terracotta Army as a Wonder to build? Remember that...


Hmmm... Terracotta Army, you say? Come back for more and see what happens!


Tell you what, if you read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7 we'll throw in Part 8 for free!

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