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Convention Report: Spring Fever

Part 3 of 3 (Part 1, Part 2)

Brant Guillory, 30 April 2012

More fun with the Triangle Simulation Society and Spring Fever

The Tournament and the Rest

When there's a tournament in town, there's usually a bevy of fantastic BIG critters on the table. Cue the Warhammer Fantasy Battles brackets...


There were about 5 tables like this set up on one half of the room.



The big uglies are here.



The charge of the cavalry.



The big ugly meets the cavalry.



War machines. Not "War Machine the game" but "machines of war on the WHFB table."



A purple spider. If we move this three tables to the left, we could cue the David Bowie.



Overview of one of the battles.



Skeleton chariot.



A solid black paint job can really stick out on the right table.



While one walking tree can wreak havoc, you really have to watch out for the hordes of their babies. There's nothing like an Infant Tree charge in the middle of the battle.



The flying maces. Excellent detail on these figures and my photo in no way does it justice.



Who doesn't love a formation of knights?



A river of lava makes for an interesting battlefield.



The flying commander hero.



No idea what this guy is, but keep me away from him.



How LongBLade intends to enter his next convention: on a hovering platform above a phalanx of life guards.


The flying dragons are pretty excellent.


And look great up close, too.



A phalanx of elves.


The ogre cavalry on the hill.



The ogre cavalry still up on the hill... just zoomed in.



A badass warband.



Mastodon cavalry.



Another mastodon. Or elephant. Or whatever you want to call him.



A nice shrine of adventurers.


Single Figs

I was playing around with the close-zoom feature of the camers (or whatever the technical term is) and shot some good closeups of some excellent models from Wargames Factory. No captions, just excellent figures.














Part 1 was an overview of the convention.

Part 2 covers some fantastical outlandish games.

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