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Convention Report: Spring Fever

Part 2 of 3 (Part 1, Part 3)

Brant Guillory, 25 April 2012

More fun with the Triangle Simulation Society and Spring Fever

The Wacky Stuff

Part of the fun of minis games is seeing some of the wacky, crazy, and off-the-wall games people come up with. It's one thing to sit around the table listening in on an RPG where everyone plays Roman badger-gladiators armed with laser swords. It's another to actually see it on the table.

Spring Fever did not disappoint...

Gnome Wars

Yes, it's really called Gnome Wars. It's from Brigade Games, and it's a battle of the Garden Gnomes.


Welcome Gnome

The Patriotic Welcome-Gnome only hints at what's in store.


Gnome Wars

The Gnome Wars table, a bucolic little village.



Gnome Wars

The Swiss Gnomes (chocolate, natch) advancing. Love the pickaxe and welder's helmet!


Gnome Wars

Swiss Gnome detail.


Gnome Wars

Sikh Gnomes. Hope they're not prone to motion Sikhness (yes, I went there!)


Gnome Wars

The Rabbit Cavalry!


Gnome Wars

Gnomes with pickelhaubes. C'mon - this is awesome, isn't it?


Gnome Wars

More Gnomes with pickelhaubes. Because it's such a fun word to say... "pickelhaube". Say it with me - "PICKELHAUBE!"


Gnome Wars

Irish leprechaun gnomes with slingshots.


Gnome Wars

More pickelhaubes. Why? You can never have too many pickelhaubes!


Gnome Wars

Reverse view of the battlefield.


The Battle For Mars

Using the Valor & Steel & Flesh rules, a very colorful battle was taking place on a Victorian Mars landscape...


Valor & Steel & Flesh

Aerial car in flight.


Valor & Steel & Flesh

Detail of the Queen's infantry.


Valor & Steel & Flesh

Robotic badasses.


Valor & Steel & Flesh

Another sky car in flight.


Valor & Steel & Flesh

My next Halloween costume. And a most excellent paint job.


Valor & Steel & Flesh

V&S&F Rulebook cover, for those of you wondering what the game is....


Part 1 was an overview of the convention.

Part 3 has the WHFB tournament and some others.

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