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GrogHeads Holiday Buying Guide

GrogHeads Staff, 28 November 2012

Our holiday buying guide is here! Point your family and friends in this direction and let them figure it out from there.

As the holidays approach once again friends and family are probably asking you what might make a good gift. Once again they probably want to give you something other than a sweater or tie but as a grognard your tastes can seem esoteric. Eccentric. Confusing. To them perhaps Waterloo is a great Abba song. So how can we help our loved ones find personalized gifts when they don’t understand our hobby? Easy. GrogHeads has put together a recommended shopping list. This is stuff you know will be appreciated by your gaming buddies, and you can send a link from a page or two in this list for easy reference.

No matter how many games you already bought this year, there is a good chance you haven’t got every great game out there. So we’ve put together a list of PC games, tabletop games and some items that grogs might want to welcome friends over for a gaming session. Whether it’s a LAN party, beer & pretzels, or a marathon of tabletop gaming, we’re thinking this list is going to have some must-haves.

Where possible we’ve tried to consolidate links to for convenience, but where not possible we’ve tried to link either directly to the creator or to reputable sites we’ve had good experiences with in the past.


Now, to start with, if you haven't hit the GrogHeads' CaféPress store, you're wrong!

But make sure you show off a few favorites from our little corner of the internet...


Military Images

We have a lot of military images available on different products. This "Recon" image is shown on a 4-piece puzzle coaster set (click on the image to jump to that product).

See the other military images.

Logo Gear

Everyone needs to show off their inner GrogHead. We've got a ton of logo gear and garb for you. And if you're playing any chit-pull-based games, you need a mug anyway, so why not one of ours.

Grog On!

Everyone's new favorite shirt - available in all sorts of colors. Get one for yourself, and one for everyone else you know.

Keep Calm and Grog Oon!

PC Gaming

PC Gamers have had a great year this year. It’s difficult to choose where to start, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

The highly anticipated next release from, Combat Mission: Fortress Italy (our review here) brings gamers to the tough slog up the Italian peninsula. Highly challenging historical and fictional scenarios await gamers ready for the challenge.


Commander: The Great War

Offering five campaigns, historical leaders, and 18 different units Commander: The Great War is a strategy game set during the First World War. Offering Slitherine’s PBEM++ system for multiplay action, this highly anticipated game has just been released for the holidays.


Scourge of War: Chancellorsville

The Scourge of War series has long been lauded as one of the great wargame engines for the Civil War. The latest game is both an expansion to the existing game and a stand-alone game if you don’t own the original. Accommodating up to 14 players it can also be played as a single-player game. Civil War grogs are not going to want to miss this one.


Panzer Corps: Afrikakorps

Panzer Corps: Arikakorps (our review here) is a reverse-engineered remake of the lauded Panzer General game beloved by so many gamers from years ago. Offering similar gameplay with updated graphics and sound along with modern OS compatibility, Panzer Corps: AfrikaKorps is a great entry-level game or an update for those longing for a bit of the old in modern times.


Hornet Leader PC

Need that Hornet Leader fix, but only have a PC handy? No problem–grab a copy of Hornet Leader PC, install it on your computer and you’re ready to fly the unfriendly skies! Tons of fun with a game that will run fine on just about any PC!


Panzer Campaigns: Moscow ‘42

The Eastern Front is perennially a favorite of grogs, and John Tiller Software’s latest release takes fans of the Panzer Campaigns series to the edge of Moscow to try and preserve or change history. Including both historical and hypothetical scenarios (57 in all) there are several campaigns, one of which lasts a whopping 576 turns.


Napoleon’s Campaign 1814

Gathering of Eagles is the latest Napoleonic game from John Tiller Software. With over 400 scenarios and eight campaigns, this is a must-have for the Napoleonic strategy gamer.


Alea Jacta Est

There never seem to be enough strategy games covering the Roman Empire, so when Alea Jacta Est was released by AGEOD fans were elated. Offering five scenarios that cover four hundred years of war in the Roman Empire there’s a lot to love about this game.



Naval War: Arctic Circle

Naval warfare games can be hard to come by. They’ve got a strong fan base, but few developers seem willing to take on the theme. Fortunately Turbo Tape Games and Paradox Interactive delivered this year with Naval War: Arctic Circle (our review here). Early bugs appear to have largely been fixed and gamers interested in naval war in the near-future have a lot to look forward to in it.


Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Warlock (our review here) may have been a sleeper title if you didn’t join us in the forums earlier this year. Released fairly quietly it took a number of GrogHeads by storm. A turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world, Warlock may have been the most addicting game this year. If you know a turn-based strategy gamer who doesn’t mind a mix of elves and wizards this is a must-have.



X-Com is an excellent remake of the original game. Close enough to the original to feel good, but innovative enough to be worth buying because it’s fresh. Living up to the hype, if you aren’t playing X-Com you should be.


Guild Wars 2

MMOs are normally our thing, but once in a while something really great comes along and even grogs have to put a hold on their wargaming for some plain old fun. Great for solo or group gaming Guild Wars 2 is out and has received high praise.

War of the Roses

Nothing says you care about your friends like bashing their skulls in at a medieval melee. War of the Roses is perfect for gamers looking to unwind by going medieval on them. Multiplayer only, don’t expect much of a single-player game, but War of the Roses is great for multiplayer gaming.


And open-ended action/adventure game in a light steampunky world, Dishonored is pure single-player action. Players will find they have multiple options to work their way through this distinctive world and it ranges from stealthy to full-blown action.


Torchlight II

The sequel to the popular action-RPG, Torchlight II is an open-ended highly customizable RPG offering indy-style quirkiness and satisfying mulitiplayer RPG mechanics. It doubles down on the fast paced action and has expanded it to allow for friends to get together for some gaming. Good stuff if you’re looking for an RPG.

Borderlands 2

Another great action-RPG game, Borderlands 2 also doubles down on the winning formula of the original game. Bringing new classes, a drop-in/drop-out multiplayer coop function, and new enemies, environments, and goodies, Borderlands 2 is fun.

Carrier Command Gaea Mission

For the action-strategy gaming Carrier command offers an in-depth story which drives the campaign. Updating a classic game from the 80s to work in this century, this single-player game is ideal for players who want to be able to set up the strategic game and then jump into an individual unit for some heart-pounding action.



Andean Abyss

GMT has produced some great games. One of the most anticipated is Andean Abyss, a game of counter-insurgency during the civil unrest in Columbia during the 1990s. With support for one to four players, this is a complex but satisfying strategy game on a seldom covered topic.


Virgin Queen

Virgin Queen (our review here) is a strategy game set during the 1500 when war over religion was in full bloom. Not a good starter game, Virgin Queen offers a steep learning curve, but for those who hang with it, it offers highly satisfying gameplay.


World At War: Into the Breach

Mark Walker's World at War series has brought WWIII platoon-level gaming goodness back into vogue. This expansion lets you play with huge masses of tanks on both sides, as well as some of the lesser-known "side" battles, like the South Africans, or the Cubans. Warning: it's an expansion, so you need the base games, too... but's it's big tankin' fun.


Zulus on the Ramparts

Victory Point Games is slowly going back over its line of classic games and one of the mostly anticpated re-releases has just been republished. Zulus on the Ramparts lets players refight the classic engagement at Rorke’s Drift. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a copy, now’s the chance.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Sometimes you need a break from grog-heavy gaming. Sentinels of the Multiverse is a superhero-themed cooperative card game for two to five players. Make sure you pick up the Second Edition, as the first had a few “bugs” that have been corrected in the revised edition.

Space Empires

The classic 4X PC strategy game has been ported to a boardgame and is getting rave reviews ( Well balanced with many strategic challenges, this is a must-have for sci-fi strategy gamers.


Commands & Colors: Ancients

For those of you who enjoyed Memoir '44 it is time to check out Commands & Colors: Ancients (our review here). Currently on its fourth reprint there is no mistaking the popularity of this game. Re-fight the battles of ancient Rome and Carthage using the games "command card system." The system is easy to learn and allows for a number of strategies that makes each gaming experience unique and exciting.

GMT’s Panzer

Who doesn’t love a small-unit tactical game set during the Second World War? GMT’s Panzer offers some high quality components and, yes, another trip to the Eastern Front. It never gets old and we can never get enough.

Darkest Night

Cooperative games can often be a great solution when you’ve got some gamers who aren’t looking to be crushed under your strategic genius. Darkest night fits the bill perfectly with a fantasy setting where players pit their hero against an evil necromancer.


Hosting A Game The GrogHead Way

When you’ve finally got all those games ready to break out for your friends, you need to be sure you have the right tools to be the perfect wargaming host. Here we present everything from doormats to beer glasses and a lot in between. This list is for hosting the party or showing up at the office with loot that says, “Yeah, I’m a Grog.”


Lady’s Bust Beer Glass

Perfect for those beer-and-pretzel games, serve your wargaming buddies in style with a lady’s bust beer glass.

Das Boot Beer Glass

Can’t sneak the lady’s bust past your significant other? Try a boot beer glass.

Door Mat – Come Back With A Warrant

Hey, if they’re not here to wargame they’re probably trying to sell you something. Remind them how welcome they are with this doormat.



Ice cube banana clip

Who doesn’t want a few banana clips of ice bullets in their drink? Wargamers who want to live large will want to add couple of these as stocking stuffers.

Ice cube handguns

Keeping the spirit of hosting some wargamers with ice bullets, here are some handgun shaped ice cube trays, a nice alternative to the banana clip.

UFO Attack Ice Cubes

Looking for a less modern wargaming ice cube? Something more sci-fi perhaps? Look no further.

Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cubes

Or maybe you’re into Star Wars. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find Han Solo encased in carbonite in their drink?


Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shakers

No seasoning is perfect if it hasn’t been treated by the Star Trek replicators.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Or 12 guage shot glasses.


Handgun Coffee Mug

Then there is the question of office décor. When the weekend is over, you still need something to show your coworkers that you’re a wargamer. What better way than a handgun coffee mug?

Grenade Complaint Coffee Mug

Let your coworkers know exactly what you think of complaints.


50 Cal Bullet Pen

Perfect for the office, a .50 caliber pen to emphasize your signature is serious.

Shuriken Coat Hook

As you head out for lunch don’t forget your coat. And look – you just don’t know when a ninja might show up and this coathook will keep folks on their toes.

Bacon Scented Candle

Sometimes the Man Cave might smell too much like man cave and not quite enough like awesome. For those times you might consider breaking out a bacon scented candle to clear the air.


Zombie Defense

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, the zombies will arrive when you least expect it.

Handheld Crossbow

Whether preparing for the zombie apocalypse or you’re looking to put the finishing touch on that Drizzt do’Urdan costume, you’re going to want a hand crossbow.

Parrot AR Drone

A great toy combining aeronautics and video feed the Parrot AR Drone is a great toy that can be controlled by a smart phone or tablet using either the iOS or Android OS. Perfect for sending out on scouting missions to ensure the zombies have left the vicinity.

Uzi Pen

Nothing says you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse at the office like signing an expense report with a pen made by Uzi.


Give us your suggestions here >>

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