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Tuesday Screenshot

The Command Tent, 17 July 2012



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For too long our rival mage Anna the Benign has been a thorn in our side. She wasted no time encroaching on our territory and demanding tribute. The small border disputes turned into a back-and-forth skirmish. It was not long until this escalated into full out war. In the early months of the war it was touch and go for our forces. The enemy came within a hair’s breadth of taking our southernmost city. However, our valiant forces at the gates of our city were able to throw her back. It was then the tide of war changed. We marshaled our forces and marched south quickly taking the city of Three Elms. It was then that our offensive faltered in the fields around the enemy capital of Westeroak.
Beset by fell beasts on our flanks and a ruthless mage to our front we were forced to regroup. We devised a plan to circumvent Westeroak and destroy our enemies’ support base. Leaving a small force in place to keep the army of Westeroak in check we marched on Magefort. After a brief siege the city fell to our forces. Buoyed by our success we carried our attack forward to Livendell. With our enemy weakened and cut off from their remaining cites we made our final assault on their capital of Westeroak. The battle raged for days as the land around Westeroak ran red with their blood of our men and our enemies. Finally on the morning of the fifth day Westeroak fell before the overwhelming might of our forces. With little more than a whimper, the Kingdom of Anna the Benign was brought to its knees.

From Warlock - Master of the Arcane

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