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Son of Montfort, 26 June 2012




"He is finally dead my Sultan, the one who has plagued us for so long!" Sultan Yusuf I of the Almoravid Dynasty raised his head from his ledger and turned to his spy master. "Can it be true? Can Allah bless me so? That Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, a pox upon my kingdom, a blight upon my people, the one they call El Cid Campeador... he is finally dead?" The spymaster nodded, "They are claiming that he died of heartbreak over his son, but we shall know your true greatness, the poison in his wine went undetected." The spymaster sighed, "However, the siege goes poorly and even from the grave this El Cid strikes at us. His wife, wanting to show that he yet lived, lashed his corpse to his horse. The sight of their leader raised the hopes of these cursed infidels, and they rallied forth." Yusuf frowned, but looked out upon the sun setting on Marrakesh. "It is no matter," he replied, "soon Valencia will be ours again and we shall once again hear the praises of Allah ring in her mosques."

Crusader Kings II, Sword of Islam, by Paradox Interactive

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